Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Is Gonna Hurt! Secrets Are Revealed On The Latest Episode Of 'Winterthorne'

John-Paul Lavoisier plays Hugh Cambridge on Winterthorne.
It's family dinner time on the latest episode of Winterthorne but, of course, it's not exactly a big lovefest.

Colin (Josh Thrower) is reunited with his family after 10 years away and can't understand why his father and grandfather haven't aged a day. When icy Miranda (Martha Madison) arrives at the dinner table, she wants details about the woman in Colin's life, and tension starts mounting until Maxmillian (Gordon Thomson) and Victor (Michael Caruso) are fed up.

"How many more sacrifices do we have to make before you finish purging your anger?" Victor snarls at Miranda before walking off.

That leaves Maxmillian to tell his daughter what he thinks of her.

"I love you, Miranda, but I have never liked you less than I do at this moment," he says.

Left alone with her son, Miranda explains the machinations that led her to this point, how she was being drugged, and her romance with Hugh Cambridge (John-Paul Lavoisier).

Later, Dominic Delacort (Kevin Spirtas) notices Miranda's necklace is missing, and reveals that it contained the seeds her mother told her about, and the power they possess. Finally learning the truth, Miranda takes action to stop the "scumbag henchman" for good.

Watch Winterthorne Part III below:

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