Friday, August 21, 2015

Ratings: All Four Daytime Soaps Gain Viewers Week-Over-Week But 'General Hospital' Hits Another New Low in Women 18-49 Demo

The Live + Same Day daytime ratings are in for the week of August 10-14, 2015. All four daytime soaps gained viewers versus the previous week, but General Hospital hit another new all-time low in Women 18-49 viewers (down to 389K).

The Young and the Restless increased +2% in viewers (4.82M from 4.74M) from last week and +9% from last year (from 4.43M). The Bold and the Beautiful notched increases of +9% in viewers (3.82M from 3.45M) and +8% in women 25-54 (1.4/09 from 1.3/09) versus last week and +10% in viewers (from 3.46M) compared to a year ago.

Below is a breakdown of the daytime soap opera Nielsen ratings by category:

Total Viewers (versus previous week/versus same week last year)
1. The Young and the Restless 4,823,000 (+83,000/+395,000)
2. The Bold and the Beautiful 3,815,000 (+316,000/+356,000)
3. General Hospital 2,555,000 (+11,000/-284,000)
4. Days of our Lives 2,443,000 (+41,000/-46,000)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. The Young and the Restless 714,000 (-17,000/+30,000)
2. The Bold and the Beautiful 581,000 (+36,000/-12,000)
3. Days of our Lives 448,000 (-25,000/-89,000)
4. General Hospital 389,000 (-15,000/-225,000)*

* New all-time low for GH.

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. The Young and the Restless 211,000 (+15,000/+58,000)
2. The Bold and the Beautiful 174,000 (+43,000/+16,000)
3. General Hospital 128,000 (-2,000/-47,000)
4. Days of our Lives 124,000 (-12,000/-37,000)

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. The Young and the Restless 1,018,000 (-3,000/-72,000)
2. The Bold and the Beautiful 840,000 (+50,000/-20,000)
3. Days of our Lives 588,000 (-16,000/-112,000)
4. General Hospital 542,000 (-16,000/-281,000)

(via CBS and SON)

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  1. So sad to see GH at those numbers.. What were the numbers for AMC and OLTL when they were canceled ? What does this mean for GH ?

    1. Both canceled ABC soaps had just finished their 2009-2010 season when the news was announced: AMC 20.0 & OLTL 1.9

      In their final season 2010-2011: OLTL 20.0 & AMC 1.9

      OLTL had an extended run into 2011-2012 season: Rating: 2.1

      Both were higher rated than GH is now. Source: wiki Soap Ratings By Season

      It means JP and SA better bring everything they've got to GH immediately and get it working asap. GH needs to go up in ratings/demos in last quarter of this year and continue to hold/rise in 2016. It can be done. Let's hope it happens.

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  2. I hope they count the people who watch online. ABC doesn't help very much considering that if you watch it on HULU, you have to wait a whole week after an episode airs. CBS you can see it online that same day on

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  4. Deletion was double post. Sorry. Hoping GH goes up and quickly!