'The Bold and The Beautiful' Promo: Turn Up the Heat, Keep Cool, and Always Be Bold!

The bold and beautiful cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.
A new promo for CBS soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful highlights the daytime's sexiest cast. "Turn up the heat, keep cool, and always be bold!" the promo says. Watch it below:

Lawrence Saint-Victor (Carter Walton)
Rome Flynn (Zende Forrester Dominguez)
Pierson Fode (Thomas Forrester)
Darin Brooks (Wyatt Spencer)


  1. They may be good looking people, but the show is a steaming pile most days. If all you need is shirtless young guys to be entertained try one of those trendy clothing catalogs, plus loads of free porn on the internet too.

    1. I personally find B&B to be the best daytime soap this year by leaps and bounds. And it has nothing to do with the beautiful cast. Shows how viewing is very subjective, because I see the show as consistently excellent.

    2. I agree, Roger. The Maya/Rick wedding was possibly the best soapy moment on any US soap this year. Great writing. I wish I could say the same for Y&R, it really is a steaming pile! Too bad, once such a great show. B&B is currently the best American soap, and as you said, the best soap this year easily.

    3. I stopped watching Y&R live because I found myself getting annoyed, which isn't the way you're supposed to feel when watching entertainment. Caught the end live today and Jack entered the cabin and came face-to-face with his evil look-a-like, the supposedly Latino Marco. On some soaps of the past and present that might fit in, but that's not the Y&R I fell in love with. Maybe I just have to face the fact that that's the Y&R we have now, like it or not. There are days that are better than others but there's a shallowness to it and lack of depth that I never thought Y&R could have until the past decade. This year has been especially hard to take.