Friday, August 14, 2015

Go Behind The Scenes of British Web Series 'Shades of Bad'

Go behind the scenes of hit web series Shades of Bad.
In July, we told you about British dark comedy soap opera Shades of Bad--created by Stuart St Paul--which tells the story of Doris Shades (Jean Heard) and her very complicated life. So far we've seen Doris confront her neighbor, Wilma Mulholland (Lynn Beaumont), over Wilma's affair with Doris' husband, and met Doris' mother-in-law Elsie Tenner (Donna Flinn) and daughter, Susie (Rachel Morgan). Doris has decided to murder her cheating husband, but things never seem to work out exactly as she has planned. The show will keep you guessing about what twist is coming next.

The ongoing Shades of Bad saga has shot episodes well into the future so if you're looking for an online continuing serial to invest in, this might be the one.  There are a number of exciting plans in the works as the series improves and expands.

We Love Soaps was given an exclusive a behind-the scenes look at Shades of Bad. Get the know the cast and find out more about the show in the clip below:

You can catch up on the show's first 12 episodes (currently around 3 minutes each but scheduled to get longer) on the Shades of Bad YouTube Channel.


  1. I really do like it, but just wish the episodes were longer then 3 minutes. I tend to save up a few and then watch, but as usual with that sort of thing after awhile I just forget about it. So for me, although I like it, in time it will just fade from my memory and I won't even miss it; which is sad.

  2. We aimed the series at commuters who watch on the phone. According to research, under 5 minutes is the key length for phone. Now we know we can hit the production schedule, series 2 sees the titles shorten and us aim to nearer 4 minutes with some at 5. The WATCH now annotation on YouTube means you can binge them one after the other without titles and credits, so new viewers can watch a long line. I think Season 2, from Oct 11 is a sea change, we will see.
    We have also cut them into TV half hour and they do work better, but the music needs to be reduced in that form. We are learning, it is a new market and as yet Android TV's are not in every house so the future is still rather unknown. I am sure YouTube video players will store and have playlists in the future. We just hope to have product ready.... stay with us.

  3. I guess I don't fit into the target audience niche, but best of luck with it.