Sunday, July 19, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Catch up on Stuart St Paul's 'Shades of Bad' and Watch the Next Week's Episode Right Now!

New episodes of Shades of Bad are released every Sunday.
Stuart St Paul is an internationally acclaimed award winning action movie director and stunt coordinator. His impressive career includes a 26 year stint at popular UK soap Emmerdale, and a long list of credits including Band Of Gold, Casualty, The Bill, Red Riding and Coronation Street. On the comedy side, he has worked on numerous series such as My Parents Are Aliens, We Are Klang and Grown Ups.

St Paul has now written and produced Shades of Bad, which combines elements of a continuing drama with dark comedy to achieve hilarious results. With episodes around three minutes long, released every Sunday, the production team is starting to stockpile episodes, ensuring the series will be around for the long haul. It's easy to watch, the story is fun, and the production values are solid.

Shades of Bad is the story of Doris Shades (Jean Heard), a scorned woman who tries to kill her cheating husband, fails, becomes a serial killer, drug dealer, is head hunted for worse, and played straight. Hysterical! And there's a twist each week that you won't see coming.

Catch up for the first eight episodes of Shades of Bad:

The next Shades of Bad episode is scheduled to be released on July 26, but you can watch it exclusively now at We Love Soaps below.

With all the trouble over her broken marriage, Wilma Mulholland (Lynn Beaumont) suggests plans for rearranged living quarters in their suburban town during this whirlwind time of shock and change. Wilma remarks that Doris is lucky she never had children. But are her plans realistic? Donna Flinn plays Elsie Tenner.

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  1. Really liked...very cute! Just wish segments were a bit longer, but suppose I'll just save them up and watch several in a row.