Monday, July 20, 2015

'South Beach' Premieres July 29 on Hulu, Cast Includes Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Jordi Vilasuso

Manny Montana as Octavio Cruz and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood
as Samantha Lear.
Dolphin Digital Media today announced that all six episodes of its original series South Beach will be available to stream on Hulu on July 29. The cast includes The Bold and the Beautiful star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, plus Guiding Light and All My Children alum Jordi Vilasuso. Having screened the premiere, soap fans are going to love both actors in their South Beach roles.

Verizon will continue its strong momentum into the music scene as the anchor sponsor of the dramatic series. AOL is also on board as a promotional partner, and will debut exclusive content leading up to the premiere including teasers, cast interviews, as well as lifestyle featurettes showcasing Miami’s distinctive fashion, music and nightlife.

“We’re very fortunate to have a captivating script, a stellar cast and the perfect setting for this fast-paced, dramatic series,” said Bill O’Dowd, CEO, Dolphin Digital Media. “With our premiere on Hulu this summer, we’re excited for viewers to dive head-first into this guilty pleasure world of love, betrayal and revenge. We couldn’t ask for a better anchor sponsor than Verizon, and we’re excited about the cross-promotional support from AOL.”

Jordi Vilasuso as Isaac Santero.
South Beach – where dangerous secrets refuse to stay buried in the sand. Carmen Suarez, a gorgeous bilingual pop star, is about to embark on a world tour behind her latest #1 single, “Fahrenheit.” Carmen’s upcoming tour is at the center of an escalating, bitter rivalry between Donovan Lear and Antigone de la Vega, who now run the two most powerful record labels in Miami. Donovan’s estranged daughter, Samantha Lear, owns “Fever,” the hottest nightclub on South Beach. Samantha’s life gets complicated when her flirting with Octavio Cruz, Carmen’s manager, turns into something more. Meanwhile, secrets turn deadly when Gus Garcia, the beloved Mayor of South Beach, is murdered. Lt. Erica Whitney is mystified when the only clue left at the crime scene is the mark of “The Ghost,” Miami’s most notorious serial killer, thought gunned down 20 years ago. Across town, crime lord Isaac Santero is plotting a bold move to seize control of Miami's drug trade, with unexpected help from aspiring DJ Michael Bell. Revenge, Passion, Murder, Betrayal – Emotions run high in the hottest place on Earth -- South Beach.

Directed by Joshua Caldwell (Layover, Dig) and written by Brian Hurwitz (Hiding, Stranded), South Beach features an ensemble cast of Ana VillafaƱe (upcoming Mattel franchise feature film Max Steel, upcoming Broadway show "On Your Feet") as Carmen Suarez, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (The Bold and the Beautiful, Anger Management) as nightclub owner Samantha Lear, Manny Montana (Graceland, Cybergeddon) as A&R executive Octavio Cruz, and Daytime Emmy Award winner Jordi Vilasuso as Isaac Santero. The cast also includes Steve DuMouchel, Arlene Tur, Deniz Akdeniz, Marem Hassler, Marc Menard, Whitney Anderson and Edward Finlay.