Ferry Doedens Responds to 'GTST' Firing: Working Hard to Get Drug Problem Under Control

Ferry Doedens
Ferry Doedens was fired from Dutch soap opera Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (Good Times, Bad Times) last week, reportedly due to him causing production delays. The popular actor, who has played Lucas Sanders on the show since 2009, has now admitted he has a drug problem and is seeking help.

Below is a statement released by Doedens:

"In the previous period I haven't been able to function well because of a drugs problem. Right now I'm working hard to get my drugs problem and the behavior that comes with it under control. I had a major confrontation with myself and I'm very sad about that. I regret a lot of things and right now I'm trying to do everything I can so I will be able to look myself and the people around me in the eyes again. I hope people will let me have the time to get out of this situation in a good and positive way."

Doedens guest-starred on American soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful last fall when the show shot on location in Amsterdam.

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