Anthony Geary on Leaving General Hospital: "This Seems Like the Ideal Time to Go"

Anthony Geary is leaving General Hospital after playing Luke Spencer on and off since 1978.

Though his final episode won’t air until later this summer, Geary recently filmed his last scene with the show and spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his departure.

“I’m excited to raise the curtain on act 3, to reinvent myself in my new home to pursue whatever opportunity there may be. It’s an exciting prospect to me,” the eight-time Emmy winner told the magazine. “They’ve done a wonderful job of wrapping up the character. So this seems like the ideal time to go.”

Geary leaves feeling optimistic about the future of daytime dramas like GH. “It’s enjoying a bit of a resurgence,” Geary said. “It was scary there for two or three years when every thing was being cancelled. The network thought that talk shows should take over because people weren’t going to be interested in soaps. But there has been a resurgence and I think that’s hopeful sign. I don’t believe it’s the end of the medium. Serialization is a great way to tell stories.”

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