Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today in Soap Opera History (March 12)

1976: Faith was going blind on Ryan's Hope.
1981: Another World's Ada gave Rachel a lecture.
1986: Guiding Light's Claire wasn't willing to give up Michelle.
1986: The "East Coast Capwells" arrived on Santa Barbara.
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On this date in...

1970: On Another World, Missy Palmer Matthews (Carol Roux) told Liz (Nancy Wickwire) that Bill--Liz's son and Missy's husband--drowned after his sailboat capsized during a storm.

1976: On Ryan's Hope, while talking with Mary (Kate Mulgrew), Faith's (Faith Catlin) vision suddenly became blurry. Ed ordered an angiogram for Faith and had her prepped for surgery. Kenneth told Faith’s picture that she betrayed his trust and that she deserved to be punished.

1980: On The Edge of Night, Miles (Joel Crothers), Nicole and Geraldine were devastated to receive the news that Draper and Sam Dwyer had died in the train crash.

1981: On Another World, Ada (Constance Ford) lectured Rachel (Victoria Wyntham) about interfering in Jamie's life, and not letting Jamie make his own choices. Rachel told Ada that it's only considered interference when she does it, not Ada. Rachel decided to cut Jamie out of her life. Meanwhile, Sally agreed to tutor Leigh (Christopher Knight) on his school work, and was happy when Leigh was able to open up to her about his life and interests.

1984: On General Hospital, Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) was shocked when she realized the woman dead on arrival patient brought into the hospital was Lesley Webber. Rick (Chris Robinson) was horrified when Ramsey broke the news to him that Leslie's car skidded of the icy road killing her instantly.

Note: Read our 2012 interview with Denise Alexander (Lesley) here.

1986: On Guiding Light, Claire (Susan Pratt) was determined not to let "those Bauers" take her baby. "Poor little Maureen isn't woman enough to have her own baby so she's trying to steal mine," Claire told Maureen (Ellen Dolan) and Ed (Richard Van Vleet).

1986: Julia Campbell (Courtney Capwell) and Terry Davis (Madeline Laurent) made their first appearances on Santa Barbara. Courtney and Madeline arrived in Santa Barbara for Mason's wedding.

1988: On Days of our Lives, the Riverfront Knifer murdered Janice Barnes (Elizabeth Storm).

1992: Robert Kelker-Kelly debuted as Bo Brady in Days of our Lives.

1996: On All My Children, Corrine had a vision of the future, and Julia (Sydney Penny) and Noah wanted to know what she saw.

2004: Linda Dano aired for the final time as Rae Cummings on One Life to Live.

Thanks to Enrique for sending in the item above.

2013: On The Bold and the Beautiful, Rick (Jacob Young) surprised Maya (Karla Mosley) with a shopping trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Celebrating a birthday today are:
Donald Webster (ex-Nobby, Coronation Street) - 82
Courtney B. Vance (Marshall, State of Affairs, Charles, Masters of Sex; ex-Benjamin, Revenge; ex-Stanford, FlashForward) - 55
Jason Beghe (ex-Jeffrey, Melrose Place) - 55
Titus Welliver (ex-Glenn, The Good Wife) - 54
Julia Campbell (ex-Katie, Ryan's Hope; ex-Courtney, Santa Barbara) - 53
Caroline Keenan (ex-Katie, Undressed) - 45
Richard Harrington (ex-Owen, Coronation Street) - 40
John-Paul Lavoisier (Hugh, Winterthorne; Eric, Beacon Hill; ex-Rex, One Life to Live) - 35
Samm Levine (ex-Hector, One Life to Live) - 33
Jaimie Alexander (ex-Jessi, Kyle XY) - 31

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  1. Was Missy telling Liz about Bill a two-day affair?

    1. Yes. March 11 Missy tried to reach Liz then finally did and told her Bill was dead. Then on March 12 she explained how he had died.

  2. Christopher Knight aka Peter Brady with Jennifer Runyon aka Cindy Brady from a Very Brady Christmas(1988) 7 1/2 + years before the movie. Also, 9 months before the The Brady Brides which guest starred Christopher. I think all the "Brady kids" were on daytime tv at one time, from Eve Plumb a few years ago on Days of our lives, Susan Olsen on Young and the Restless as a kindergarden teacher, Barry Williams on General Hospital for a period of time, and Maureen McCormick as the original actress to play Rebecca on Passions prior to Andrea Evans. OK, I guess Bobby aka Michael Lookinland wasn't, or was he?

    1. I think of them as Peter and Cindy every time I watch those Leigh and Sally scenes now, even though she was only Cindy in A Very Brady Christmas. Lookinland is bound to turn up on B&B at some point. :)