Watch the Season 4 Premiere of 'Pretty'

Stacy McQueen stars as Annette Champagne in Pretty.
The wait is over: Indie Series Award-winning Pretty returns today with the first brand new episodes in over two years. And now that it’s back, the show that redefined what it meant to be a "Toddler" with a "Tiara," is breaking new ground, taking on a "Dance Mom" theme.

"This is a whole new Pretty," promises series creator/writer/director, Steve Silverman, "When we decided to do a new season, we didn't want to take our Champagne family back to the pageants. So the idea came to me to push the story forty years forward and move us into reality TV’s new obsession, dance competition shows."

The sublime Stacy McQueen and scene-stealing Dee Freeman return for the new season. Added to the cast are Adrienne Wilkinson (Venice, Xena), Michael Caruso (Emmy-nominated DeVanity), and Diane Delano (Fumbling Thru the Pieces).

Watch the season premiere of Pretty here:

Longtime General Hospital star Denise Alexander is scheduled to appear soon. Stay tuned!

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