Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Who's Your Daddy" Secret Coming Soon to 'The Young and the Restless' (Spoiler Alert)

Steve Burton appeared on a local talk show in Nashville on Monday and, according to Serial Scoop, he previewed a "Who's Your Daddy?" storyline that will be airing on The Young and the Restless in a couple of weeks.

"There' a big secret coming out in the next couple of weeks," Burton revealed. "It's going to shake up Genoa City. It's a Who's Your Daddy secret. It's going to put a wrench in a lot of things so we're excited."

It was not clear if Burton was talking about his own storyline (could Paul be Dylan McAvoy's father?) or someone else's (Victoria Newman is currently pregnant with either Billy or Stitch's baby).

Stay tuned!


  1. I've always thought Paul would turn out to be Dylan's father. I wonder what Bill Bell would have thought of this story.

    1. Yeah I think Paul is going to end up being Dylan Father .

  2. I put my money on Paul for whatever it is worth. I bet the story plays out that Christine cannot get pregnant when Paul finds out that he is Dylan's father.

    Could Dylan be any more propped? Geez. Such an unnecessary character taking up so much screentime. I really wish Dylan had been a short-term character for the months to tell Chelsea and Adam's WTD story. It would have stil accomplished getting Steve Burton an Emmy reel.

    I cannot get through an episode of Y&R_ it's so boring and filled with so many shallow character and stories.

  3. Y&R is a joke. JFP tore up the history of the show to shove her boy-toy into the Newman family fabric. It's disgusting how the show has become a shadow of itself. Bill Bell must be a pretzel in his grave by now. Y&R is a horror show. Watching Steve Burton stare off into the ozone is awful.

  4. Yes you can stop watching for weeks and come back to it and know everything that happen! Stitch found out Victoria is pregnant and being a doctor he will change the test to make him the daddy and it was really Billy's and that will drag on for years, just like poor Nick. Same thing different day.