Saturday, March 1, 2014

NEWS: Melody Thomas Scott, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, BEING MARY JANE Renewed, Jill Hennessy Visits THE GOOD WIFE; Crystal Chappell Film; Tuc Watkins

Companies in the Philippines, Thailand and India are working on local adaptations of three of Warner Bros' most successful US dramas. Medical drama ER is under option for local production in India by Gold Television Network. In the Philippines, ABC Development Corporation is producing a local adaptation of Warner Bros’ ABC Family teen drama PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Meanwhile, Thailand's Kantana Public Company is producing an 18-part local adaptation of GOSSIP GIRL.

Andy Zein, Warner Bros International Television Production’s senior VP of creative, format development and sales, said: “We are seeing a significant increase in the number of our scripted formats travelling successfully around the world.”

Melody Thomas Scott on what makes Nikki Newman so fascinating after 35 years
"One writing regime wanted to make her a senator, which was ludicrous. The viewers don't want to see Nikki be a feminist or take a job. They want to see her stay home and have personal problems and suffer like crazy. [Laughs] And they looove to see her drunk!"

Disney to Spend $200 Mil on Marvel Series for Netflix Set to Film in New York
Disney chief Bob Iger and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, at a joint press conference this week, announced that Marvel’s landmark live-action television series will film principally in the Big Apple. The production is skedded to yield 60 one-hour episodes, resulting in 400 full-time jobs and 3,000 part-time production jobs.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Is Returning to DANCING WITH THE STARS
Chmerkovskiy will return to DWTS for Season 18, toofab has confirmed. And no, he's not just stopping by to be a guest judge again -- he's coming back as a dance pro.

If You Can't Get Onstage, Go Online: Stage Actors Between Gigs Stay Busy With Web Series
There are enough of these series (episodes range from a few minutes to almost a half-hour) that a digital platform called Stage17, expected to start this month, plans to make some of them part of its programming. Here's a closer look at several entries in this ever-growing array of series, including one that Stage17 has already signed up.

Tuc Watkins returning for Season 3 of WHERE THE BEARS ARE
Watkins will be returning to our show as Nelson's nemesis, Dickie Calloway. He was nominated at the 2013 ISAs for his guest appearance in Season 2.

Crystal Chappell to produce and star in film from Perfect Pictures
Explains Chappell: " I was contacted last May or June by Perfect Features. They wanted to hire us to produce their first feature but because of our new partnership with Bella Productions, serious talks didnt happen until after Beacon Hill was shot. First and foremost, I wanted to break the script down to make sure it was doable for the budget allotted. And it was. Next, lawyers....Anyhoo.....We are off and running and I couldn't be more pumped! And, yes, fortunately, the script was written for me and I couldn't be more blown away! How lucky am I? I'm excited to not only produce Open Book's first film but, also, star in it.."

BEING MARY JANE, starring Gabrielle Union, is renewed for second season by BET
The drama, which stars Gabrielle Union as a successful cable news personality who has a messy family and love life, has connected with a loyal core of female viewers and has become one of BET's most consistent performers.

Jill Hennessy to visit THE GOOD WIFE
Hennessy will play a power lawyer named Rayna Hecht in the episode "A Few Words," set to air March 16. Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) will battle to align with a powerful New York lawyer who could become a potential partner. Could Rayna be the one they're after?

Writers on the Web: Interview with Creators of Indie Series Awards-Nominated Series PROGRESS
With 7 Indie Series Awards nominations and 3 IAWTV Award nominations so far this year, the new web series PROGRESS has been, well… progressing quite nicely! Script Magazine spoke with writer/producer Armando Saldanamora, director/producer Nicole Wright, and actor Derek Houck, who plays Adam Rhett, a hilariously evil “mad troll,” about their casting process and finding the right actors for each role.

Houck: "With a web series, you have to take into account the wide range of devices people will be watching your content on. You face may be several inches in size on one screen, and only a few pixels on another. It forces you to express yourself through your whole body in order to convey your message across all mediums."

VH1 Picks Up Drama HINDSIGHT To Series
HINDSIGHT is set in 1990s New York and stars Laura Ramsey, Craig Horner and Sarah Goldberg. It centers on Becca (Ramsey) who, as she nears 40, is about to embark on her second wedding to Andy Kelly, but her joy is tempered by the absence of her old best friend Lolly (Goldberg) who’s a no-show, having dropped out of their relationship years ago. As Becca mulls over her past with Lolly and the mishap of her marriage to her first husband, Sean (Horner), she wakes up on her wedding day in 1995 – she’s about to marry Sean, a bad-boy artist who is all wrong for her – and she knows her first move must be to reconnect with Lolly to re-live that day. Can she “make it right” by living her life all over while re-adapting to life in New York City in the ’90s – a time of smoking in bars, carrying pagers, having an AOL email address?

The Americans Certainly Broke New Ground With This Week's Sex Scene
In what Vulture believes is a basic-cable first, when daughter Paige walked into her parents' room, we got a brief shot of Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip (Matthew Rhys) engaging in mutual simultaneous oral sex. (Perhaps you prefer the colloquial term "69.")

Dylan McDermott to star in Kevin Williamson's new thriller
McDermott is going from one psychological CBS thriller to another: The HOSTAGES star has been cast as in Kevin Williamson’s untitled procedural drama pilot.

Does SCANDAL ignore the U.S. Constitution?
One example is that President Grant (the former governor of California) has chosen as his new running mate his former lieutenant governor and the current governor of California, Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney). The U.S. Constitution mandates that electors can only vote for one candidate from their states. So assuming the Grant-Nichols ticket wins the election, California's 55 electoral votes - 20 percent of the total needed to win - could not be cast for both Grant and Nichols.

Sila Sahin leaves GUTE ZEITEN, SCHLECTE ZEITEN (Good Times, Bad Times)
Producer Guido Reinhardt expressed “regret” at ┼×ahin’s departure, saying: “We will keep all doors open for Sila and I look forward personally to new possible joint projects.”

EASTENDERS' Samantha Womack Returning As Ronnie Mitchell
The 41-year-old actress departed the soap earlier this year after her character murdered Carl White (Daniel Coonan) as he tried to attack her, and she's now getting ready to make her return to the soap, but claims her character is on the edge.

She said: "She's a complete psychopath and a ticking timebomb! By rights she should be bound and gagged in a corner, quietly rocking and humming to herself. Ronnie is more dysfunctional than ever."

Shirtless Gay Kiss on British Soap Opera CORONATION STREET Sparks Controversy
Though the scene was tame in comparison to similar scenes shared between heterosexual characters on the show, complaints that surfaced after the televised kiss between Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) and Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou) claimed the scene was “sexually suggestive” and inappropriate to air before 8 p.m., as many children were likely to be watching TV at that time.

Shortly after the complaints were received by the creators of the series, the U.K. Office of Communications revealed it had received several complaints over the same-sex content in the series as well. While the broadcast watchdog originally stated it would investigate whether Coronation Street had violated any guidelines with the controversial episode, it later retracted the statement and confirming officials were satisfied and no investigation would take place.

“The vast majority of the audience have no trouble with this,” an insider told the Mirror. “It's real.”

Sex pest who sent nude doctored pictures to CORONATION STREET stars faces prison
David Watson, 74, superimposed the heads of Kym Marsh, 37, and Jennie McAlpine, 30, on pictures of naked women before posting them to their homes. He also wrote vile messages in the letters which left the pair “shocked and sickened”.

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