Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lifetime Movie 'Zoe Gone' Premieres Tonight, Stars Jean Louisa Kelly, Andrea Bowen, Alexandra Holden, Sammi Hanratty, Jeff Branson

Jeff Branson stars in Zoe Gone, premiering Saturday, March 29.
Photo Credit: RColson Knight
Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Lynn's life is turned upside down when she gives birth to baby Zoe in the Lifetime Original Movie, Zoe Gone, premiering Saturday, March 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and starring Jean Louisa Kelly, Andrea Bowen, Alexandra Holden, Sammi Hanratty and Jeff Branson.

Jennifer Lynne (Hanratty) just gave birth to baby Zoe. Jennifer is 16. She never wanted to have a baby. The father is not around. Well, he's around but he's already with another girl. Jennifer thinks her life is over and when she takes Zoe home, she is not the most attentive mother. She pushes Zoe off on her mom to go hang out with her friends. One day she heads to the park with Zoe and while she is obsessed with texts from her ex, Zoe is kidnapped. Something awakens in Jennifer and the pain of the loss is unimaginable.

Patricia Henderson (Kelly), the detective on the case, is also a single mother. Jennifer sees a strength in Patricia and her relationship with her daughter that brings out the maternal instincts in Jennifer. She will now do anything to get her baby back, including putting herself in harm's way. When she finally does get Zoe back, she realizes, as a mother, the best thing for her baby is to give her up for adoption. She makes the hard decision only thinking what is best for her child.

The cast includes Michael Grant, Michael Adam Hamilton, Samantha Boscarino, Lauran Irion and Priscilla Garita

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  1. Does anyone know who plays the adoptive mother .. she looks familiar .. I just can't remember her name ..