Watch Thursday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES Episode

On Thursday's episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES (January 2, 2014), Sami got an ultimatum from EJ, and Will (in Chandler Massey's final appearance as Will Horton) was rattled when he went to the river and ran into the bird watcher.

Watch the episode below:


  1. I am a big Chandler Massey fan , but it's been pretty obvious over the past few months that he was bored with the role and his dialogue flubs and lazy acting seemed a bit out of sync for a guy who won two Emmys. I hope he finds what he's looking for in his career and I really look forward to seeing what Guy Wilson brings to the character.

  2. I will miss Chandler but very interested to see what Guy does with Will.

  3. I have to agree that Chandler Massey really did seem bored with the role this past year. Since the storyline changed from Will blackmailing EJ to a Sonny, Will, and Gabi pregnancy/love story he really seem to have lost interest and passion for the work. He really came alive in his scenes with James Scott and Deidre Hall. I wonder had that storyline remained would he have been so eager to leave DAYS.

    1. ITA .. "Bad" Will with EJ was far more fun than Three's Company & A Baby. And so what if Sonny had been sidelined now and again in his attempts to be Will's moral compass? They could have played Sonny with Brian for an honest-to-goodness triangle.