Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scott Bryce Previews BEACON HILL on WE LOVE SOAPS TV

Scott Bryce previews BEACON HILL.
On the latest episode of WE LOVE SOAPS TV (5.12), Roger Newcomb traveled to the set of an east cost photo shoot for upcoming web series BEACON HILL, a Open Book Productions and Bella Books political drama premiering on March 5.

Watch our new episode below as we speak with two-time Emmy-nominated actor/director/producer Scott Bryce about his role as "Senator Tom Wesley" on BEACON HILL. Bryce talks about the advantages of doing a web series versus network TV or film, what it's like working for executive producer Crystal Chappell, and how much he loves working with the actresses that played his AS THE WORLD TURNS sister, including BEACON HILL supervising producer Hillary Bailey Smith.

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  1. How I love Scott Bryce! Smart, funny and charming. For me, he is the only Craig Montgomery. Did he make WLS' list of greatest soap actors? I cannot find the link to the list. If he didn't, he should have!

  2. Thank you, Roger, for a fantastic interview with this great actor. Love Scott Bryce - and looking forward to Beacon Hill!

  3. Scott's Craig was truly the most romantic character ever on Daytime. It was so awful, the way they destroyed Craig.

  4. Thank you for the interview. So nice to see the talented Scott Bryce happy and doing well. Nothing against Hunt Block or Jon Linstrom but Scott Bryce created this incredible character and was treated very badlywhen he returned by the producers and writers of ATWT.

    1. yes to "anonymous" about how badly Scott was treated when he returned to ATWT. That was the span of months that Larry Bryggman was fired, then Scott, then Martha, then I stopped watching ATWT ... the should could have ended 6 years earlier than it did because the heart and soul of it had been ripped out.