Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Former ANOTHER WORLD Star Anna Stuart Marries James Cromwell (at Charles Keating's House)

Anna Stuart (ex-Donna, ANOTHER WORLD; ex-Mary, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Toni, THE DOCTORS; ex-Gina, GENERAL HOSPITAL) has revealed to Soaps In Depth that she and her longtime beau, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor James Cromwell (Thatcher, BETRAYAL), were married on New Year's Day at the home of Stuart's AW pal Charles Keating (ex-Carl).

"Since our romance officially began at Charles' home two years ago on New Year's Eve, we decided to get married there," Stuart told Soaps in Depth. "Mary, Charles' wife, was 'scheming' all the while. She wanted James in a nice relationship, and she knew I was available."

Stuart and Cromwell met back in the '80s through Keating and stayed in touch over the years. They connected at Keating's birthday party two years ago at Sardi's and the friendship turned into more.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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  1. Congratulations to the two of you. I loved her as the Greenlee's scheming mother on AMC. James Cromwell, well, he will always be loved as the taciturn but patient farmer on "Babe," one of my favorite movies. At the end, I always blubber in endless sobs when he looks down at Babe and says, "You did good, Pig." I'm tearing up thinking about that scene now.