LMN Original Movie 'Non-Stop' Starring Lacey Chabert Premieres November 29; Cast Includes Brandon Beemer, Farah Fath, Micah Alberti

Photo Credit: Adam James
Lacey Chabert (ex-Bianca, ALL MY CHILDREN; ex-Claudia, PARTY OF FIVE) stars in the LMN Original Movie NON-STOP which tells the chilling story of a woman who finds herself trapped, confused and fighting for her life on a transcontinental plane flight.

Veronica Cartwright (ex-Bun, EASTWICK), Betsy Russell, Jim O'Heir, David Lipper (ex-Kevin, TIME OF YOUR LIFE), Drew Seeley (ex-Andrew, GUIDING LIGHT) and Will Kemp (ex-Mitchell, 90210) also star in the original thriller, premiering on LMN Friday, November 29 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT.

Amy Nightingale (Chabert) is the executive assistant to the author of a very controversial, about to be published book, and her job frequently takes her around the world. Exhausted and on a late night flight to Zurich to deliver the manuscript to their publisher, she decides to take a sleeping pill.But before she can get any rest, a handsome stranger (Kemp) sits next to her and their conversation turns into a romantic encounter. She finally dozes off, but when she wakes up the stranger is gone and so is her luggage, ID, cell phone and laptop containing the final draft of the manuscript. To make matters worse, no one on board admits to ever seeing him in the first place.With the help of a flight attendant (Seeley), she frantically searches the plane for answers and soon realizes that her life, and the lives of the other passengers are at risk and she alone holds the key to their safe landing.

The cast also includes Brandon Beemer as Dean, Micah Alberti as Peter, and Farah Fath as Ellen.

NON-STOP is produced for LMN by Check Entertainment.Executive producers are Mike Constantine, John Constantine Jr., Roger Corbi and Richard Lott.Richard Gabai produced and directed the film from a script written by Leland Douglas.


  1. Watching it right now,,hope it's gonna be good... Its seems to be anyways..

  2. I'm watching it too. Please let it be good.

  3. me too! Its great! Has anyone else noticed how many bloody ads there are??!!