Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WATCH: THURSTON Returns! Plus, New Cast Additions For The Rest of Season 2

Felipe Cabezas, Colleen Zenk and Evan Casey star in THURSTON as
part of the complex Snead family.
Indie Soap Award-winning web series THURSTON returned on Tuesday with a new episode to kick off the second half of Season 2. THURSTON is a Western drama about the residents of a remote mining town and their struggle for survival in the 1880s Kansas Ozarks.

In "What's Done Is Done," Maggie (Catherine Frels) goes into labor and gets help from an unexpected source. Meanwhile, the Sneads depart for Thurston but not before Mama Agnes (AS THE WORLD TURNS star Colleen Zenk) has to set one of her sons straight.

Watch the episode below:

We Love Soaps recently reported that longtime ALL MY CHILDREN actor Walt Willey will be playing Edmund Snead, father of the outlaw Snead boys and husband to Agnes, this fall.

THURSTON creator Kathryn O’Sullivan gave us the scoop on some other new characters coming up in Season 2.

"We're finally introducing the Cherokee storyline!" she revealed. "Native American actors Autumn Morningstar Custalow Alfaro and Enrico Nassi will be playing Inolah Walkingstick and Dr. Benjamin Walkingstick."

Two MILGRAM AND THE FASTWALKERS actors have been added to the cast as well. Richard Cutting joins THURSTON as the Preacher, and John C. Bailey plays Pinkerton Detective Frank Daniels, a man in pursuit of Willey's Edmund.

Ariana Almajan will be playing a mysterious con-woman.

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