Sunday, October 6, 2013

THURSTON EXCLUSIVE: Walt Willey Joins The Cast

Photo courtesy of THURSTON/Paul Awad
Stage and screen actor Walt Willey has joined the cast of Indie Soap Award-winning web series THURSTON.

The longtime ALL MY CHILDREN fan favorite will play Edmund Snead, father of the outlaw Snead boys and husband to Colleen Zenk's "madam" character, Agnes. Willey has already shot several scenes as Edmund.

"Walt has been a wonderful addition to the THURSTON family," notes creator and writer Kathryn O'Sullivan.

"Audiences are going to enjoy watching him play a charming rogue and even reveal where some of his sons' personality traits originate."

Recently, Willey has been touring the country in his one man show, "Wild Bill! An Evening with James Butler Hickok." He's also been shooting the upcoming series TAINTED DREAMS.

He is best known for playing Jackson Montgomery on ALL MY CHILDREN from 1987 to 2011. THURSTON, though a very different drama, also chronicles the challenging lives of successive generations of small-town families.

THURSTON director Paul Awad reports that on-set, Willey is off to an auspicious start.

"Walt was a joy to work with. It was great watching him bring the character to life, and we can't wait for viewers to see him in action," he said.

The second season of THURSTON continues with four new episodes starting later this month.


  1. He looks so good!

  2. Thurston is an awesome web series and with Walt Willey joining the cast it just keeps getting better and better!