Monday, October 28, 2013

The State of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Survey Results: Favorite & Least Favorite Characters, and Fan Response To Killing Delia

It's all in the name: we really do love soaps - but sometimes, as any die-hard soap fan knows, it has to be tough love. The type of love, for instance, that makes a friend say, "Though I support you 100% it's time you take responsibility for your own actions." But we digress.

Of course, every series takes a wrong turn now and then. As fans, it's important that we offer feedback, and help the show get back on the right track. Which is why we launched our most recent survey on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

As you will see below, there's one thing we all pretty much agree on: gratuitous young child roadkill and recycled Franken-baby storylines aren't our cup of tea, and they're not your thing either (even with Halloween just around the corner). Maybe The Powers That Be will actually listen, before some of us start tuning out, and yet another beloved soap (the top rated daytime soap!) enters that well-worn death spiral of lower ratings - cutbacks - lower ratings - cutbacks - lower ratings...

But before we delve into the data, we want to say "thank you!" to the more than 4,000 individuals who took the time to respond to our most recent survey. Thanks! Now, from October 15-22, 2013, We Love Soaps surveyed our readers about the current state of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. We were careful to phrase the questions in a neutral and objective way (fighting the temptation to ask, 'What kind of sick mind would go there - AGAIN?") and so when we received 4,127 unique responses, with an interesting mix of feedback about daytime's top-rated soap opera, we knew the results would be fascinating. We asked about Delia, overall quality, favorite thing, favorite characters, and least favorite characters. Here's what we found:

How do you feel about the decision to kill off the character of Delia Abbott?
Strongly Disagree 71%
Disagree 17%
Neutral 8%
Agree 2%
Strongly Agree 2%

When a daytime soap opera is trying to appeal to fans that have watched for 20 or 40 years, or maybe just a few months, it's not easy to find a story that everyone agrees on. In this case the data overwhelmingly shows fans are on the same page with 88% disagreeing with the decision to have Delia die. Y&R would be wise to listen.

This is not the first time a daytime soap opera has told a story like this. In fact, GENERAL HOSPITAL killed off toddler Jake Spencer in March 2011 in a hit and run accident where his grandfather, Luke Spencer, turned out to be the driver. Jake's donated organs went on to save Carly's daughter, Josslyn Jacks. The week after the accident GENERAL HOSPITAL was hard not to watch with amazingly beautiful performances.  The show rose #2 in the Nielsen ratings, passing THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for the first time in six years. Stories like this tend to create short-term ratings gains so expect the same with Y&R. The problem for GH, and probably Y&R? The short-term gains don't last and a story this unpopular and depressing typically impacts the ratings down the road.  By the end of 2011, actor Jonathan Jackson (who played Jake's father) had quit the soap and executive producer Jill Farren Phelps had been fired by ABC. The same Phelps that is now running Y&R.

Based on our survey results, many fans would be happy if Delia's death turned out to be a terrible nightmare Billy had one night. Emmy reels have been secured, lessons learned about leaving a child alone in a car, and viewers wouldn't have to watch everyone be miserable for months.

How would you rate the overall quality of Y&R in 2013?
Average 31%
Good 25%
Poor 20%
Fair 16%
Excellent 8%

What is your favorite thing about Y&R in 2013?
The Performances 65%
The Stories 9.5%
Everything. Love it all. 9%
Watching with friends 8%
Other 7%
The Music 1.5%

Favorite Characters
1. Billy Abbott
2. Adam Newman
3. Jack Abbott
4. Paul Williams
5. Michael Baldwin
6. Nikki Newman
7. Nick Newman
8. Victoria Newman
9. Jill Abbott Fenmore
10. Victor Newman

Least Favorite Characters
1. Hilary Curtis
2. Fen Baldwin
3. Kyle Abbott
4. Mason Wilder
5. Abby Newman
6. Christine Blair Williams
7. Sharon Newman
8. Tyler Michaelson
9. Cane Ashby
10. Lily Winters Ashby

The character of Victor Newman was the only one to appear in the Top 15 of both lists. Victor received the 10th most votes as Favorite Character and ranked 11th on the Least Favorite Character list.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the survey results or your feelings on the current state of Y&R in our Comments section below.

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  1. Damn! Wish I'd seen this before the voting ended! I would've picked Dylan as least favorite character! He's so dull and flat, yet he's on all the time sucking up airtime that could go to interesting characters! I mostly agree with the favorites list, but I'd take Adam out. He's unlikeable, but Muhney is good at playing him. In his place I'd put Kevin. Strongly, vehemently disagree with killing off Delia! Such a waste!

  2. Poor Sharon. The writers have made so many dislike her.

    1. well i love sharon and she is not the worst behaving character on the show.

  3. I would just like to comment on all the negative publicity that the death of Delia is getting. As a mother who has lost my youngest daugther in a traffic accident, yes this storyline has been hard to watch........but in reality......these things do happen. Has anyone thought of what the producers may be trying to do here?
    Sending a message - not to leave a child in a car by themselves..... the importance of donating an organ..... I know too well that this is something that no one wants to think about. But when I lost my daughter, I don't know where I got the strength but after seeing her in the ER and knowing that I will never see her again, my thoughts went right away to donating her organs. At that time I was told I could donate her eyes. I signed those papers immediately as I thought - in a way my daughter will still see things through someone else even though I won't have her with me anymore. The anger and anguish that Chloe is displaying.... it's like someone saw/felt/heard the emotions that goes through ones mind at a time like this. Right down to the part where her and Kevin are sharing a chocolate brownie with lots of whip cream because that was Delia's favorite...... I give the producers and actors kudos' to the storyline and the raw emotions they are displaying...even when it is hard to watch.

    1. I agree. Every now and then some real, raw, gritty drama is needed on a soap. And like I've said a million times by now, things like this happen in real life and they create great drama.
      And I commend you for being able to appreciate this story consider what has happened in your life. Most of the people whining about this story havent even suffered any tragedy in their lives.

    2. "Most of the people whining about this story havent even suffered any tragedy in their lives."

      How on earth did you make THAT determination? What a ridiculous statement.

    3. Sorry for you loss. I have lost parents and many family members but not a child, thank God. I firmly believe this story was told for ratings not for the greater good of mankind. I would like to believe it can do some good anyway. But for me, it's so depressing to watch. We just lost Katherine Chancellor and that was enough loss for the fall.

  4. Ahhh i knew i forgot to put Hilary wack ass on the least favorite character but these survey results are actually what i thought they would be i agree with the fav.list too

  5. Thanks to JFP I no longer watch Y&R after over 25 years. This show stinks up the airwaves as I knew it would after the witch was hired. Bye bye Y&R. Get rid of JFP and I might be back.

  6. I love Y & R but I abhor the death of Delia.Billy and Adam are definitely my favourite characters. I want to see them happy.

  7. The writers have committed so much character assassination that some of my least favorites are some of the longest running - among them, Lauren, Sharon, Nikki and, yes, Victor, who I believe has become an irredeemable ass. I swear, every time he refers to Billy as "Billy Boy" (including right after Delia died, for God's sake), I want to reach through my TV and punch him. Billy and Adam are my two favorites, as well, and I would also add Kevin.

    1. me too...can't stand Victor.never have liked him

  8. I've watched Y & R since the beginning....great show most of the time. love them ghosts! did not like seeing delia forward through most of it. my son died at an early age so I couldn't bear the sorrow. glad when its over. just hoping little girl playing delia is AOK!

  9. Ashley, Tracie and now Billy have lost children . and didn't one of Jack's wives die? That is too much for one family.
    I can understand Victor being on both lists. He's the man you love to hate. I've watched since 73 and have not liked him since he came on the show. I won't miss him if he leaves. He hates everybody and is rude and disrespectful to women.

  10. Kind of disturbing how overwhelmingly male that list of favorite characters is!

    I've known for at least 4 years or so, how disappointingly misogynistic the writing was--seems as if the proof is in the Pudding! And we are tasting that pudding.

    I don't expect any gender parity in this show's storylines but it would be nice if Y&R could decrease the number of female characters it demonizes on their canvas.

  11. I ACTUALLY Like the character of Hillary, but I despise Dylan on so many levels

  12. Kudos to the cast and producers and writers of Y&R. I happen to LOVE the show. Here's to another 40 years!

    1. I think we all love the show, that's why we take the time to write about it and discuss it.

  13. I love Adam and Billy. Would love to see Victor gone. Totally hate the acting. Wish they'd bring Phyllis back. Dylan is a flat character. Like Chelsea. Fen and Kyle are a waste of air time. Bad acting, bad story lines. Same with Summer, Abby, Mason, Noah and the rest of the young actors. Terrible.

  14. I'm really beginning to think this is Y&R's "jump the shark" moment (between Delia's death and the miraculous story of Nikki's forgotten new son, Dylan), since I don't have a lot of confidence in the new writing team (I suffered through you-know-who's work on ATWT). I'm not surprised that many of the characters (with the exception of Sharon) on the least-liked list are ones that are used as props to other characters or storylines. Because there's not much character development (and many of them are not "nice" characters), they aren't well-liked. Sharon's character, on the other hand, is a mess and the writers don't seem to know what they are doing with her. I really don't know how much longer I can hang on as a viewer.....

  15. The death of Delia was horrible. Don't like this story line. The writer needs to go. Bring Phyllis back. Let Cricket be on more. Hillary is a mess. Get her off the story. Avery is a mess. She played with Nick's feelings and all the time she's in love with Dillon and in denial. Sharon is the worst of all. The writer has her all over the place. Please don't wait 10 years before Nick finds out about what she did. Expose her NOW! It took many years before Paul and Cricket found out Phyllis ran them down and then nothing was done. That wasn't right. She needed to serve time in jail. Some of the story lines are awful. Come on Y & R get better with the writing.

  16. Would be great if we'd get such a poll for 3 other daytime soaps, too!

  17. Adam Newman is by far the best character on Y&R. I also like Billy Abbott. I can't stand Victor Newman at all. he's disgusting.

  18. bring back carmine's twin or brother.I would love him with Lauren

  19. I love Dylan but wish he would return to GH as Jason Morgan. My favorite characters would also include Adam, Avery, Jack, and Jill. For least liked my top vote goes to Sharon, Nick and Victor. I used to really like Victor but he NEVER learns from his mistakes.

  20. Y & R needs to fire whoever made the decision to let the current actor playing Billy and the one playing Adam. Even before the death of Delia they were the best on the show and now to let both go and kill off a child. I believe they will find they have gone to far.

  21. Adam was basically the only reason I watched. Incredible actor. Will NOT be tuning in anymore. Idiotic move...

  22. The show has been going down hill for over a year now. Knowing Adam is leaving and Phyllis is doubtful to return I know I will not continue to watch show. I don't care for alot of the new actors such as the new Kyle or Dillion-not even attractive....What happen to the previous Kyle??So tired of the Billy/Victoria situation. Obviously writers are getting desperate when they kill off a little girl-time to end show.

  23. Working on the Y&R seems to be more like working in the real world, it's not how great you are at doing the job, the important things like acting, how much everyone loves your work, it's obviously who you know, the proof is in who is left working, the top two on your survey are gone. This show has become too predictable, why do I keep watching? Just to see what stupid story line they are going to come up with next....

  24. You watch TV to escape and get your mind off of your own problems for a little while....
    But when the story line is so bad you can't stand to watch, something is very terribly WRONG somewhere.
    I have not been able to bring myself to watch since DeDe was killed off the Y&R.
    And I have been watching since it came on in 1974.
    Changing all the characters on the show is definitely not working for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. in was so disapointed when they killed Delia from the show .i have a very close friend thart Lost her LITTLE 6 YR OLD aNGEL TO A BUS DRIVER RUNNING HER OVER .i SEEN N FELY THE hurt for my Dear Friend for I was there with the Family during thier time of Loss ,its so much pain ,it split the parents up n yes the mother has has heart attacks fropmall ofthe Stress of Losing our Little Angel This just is hard to watch why killl Delia she was such a Great Actress for such a young age .I believe that Kyle Leslie Lily Kevin for some could take more acting classes .then I hear Billy Miller is being replaced thats a big No .Billy Miller is such a Wonder Actor with such emotions that no 1 on your show could ever have .phyliss being in a coma for to Long n Michelle Staffort Qutting ,to many changes .I Like Dylan but how far will part go along with Devon Boring .Adam I Like the tention he has with Victor but we all know Adam will never go to Prison ,and now Summer n in Hospital for Drugs .Come on the show is getting Boring .wonder who will be Phliss can not wait to see hoe you will feel her shoes .Nick n Sharon again getting boring .Hope you guys wake up before we all stop watching .Nicy n ms how far can that go .Good Luck

  26. Ironic that so many are anonymous, just as Adam was. I've watch this show since the mid to late 70's, the people on this show, I feel like they are a part of me, friends or family. I'm mad at them, happy, and sad. No, I'm not an unbalanced person for feeling like this, it's just fun to watch, I get out of my own world for 1 hr and enjoy hearing their stories, good and bad, stupid or brilliant.

  27. I will truly miss Adam!!!! There is no Y&R without Mrs. Chancelor, Phyllis and noe Adam!!! I'm not watching it anymore!!!

    Loyal fan since the late 70's!!!!!

  28. I used to watch way back in the beginning. But was hooked on Another World and we all know how that sadly ended. I refused to get hooked on a new soap but in Jan 2012 I got hooked on the Y and R. What I really like is the core characters remained. Those are my
    favourites, incl. Victor. You can't have this show without him. Simple.

  29. I started watching again when they killed Casey off. The publicity was so abundant that it drew me in to the show. Love Victor , Adam, and Billy. Steve Burton needs to go back to GH cos he is Jason. I loved him as Jason and it just feels like Jason moved to.Genoa city from Port Chuckles. Sick to death of Sharon's crazy behind. Miss miss miss miss Phyllis. They can't replace her cos no one can bring if like Stafford does. The Abbott children are cursed. Unless they grow up away from GC and then return as adults, they generally don't make it to adulthood. This is one of the last few soaps left on tv. I hope they get it together cos I would hate to see them disappear like so many others. I have grown up watching these shows and even though they aren't real, they are like an old friend that has always been there. U can always count on hearing that piano intro at 12:30 like clockwork.

  30. you know, they always say it's the number one soap on daytime but I don't think it's the best, not even close especially in recent years....the characters are lackluster and so are the storylines; they always have the abbotts against the newmans, CONSTANTLY! Don't viewers get bored of that??? This is why I think the reason y&r is number one is mainly because of its time slot!! of course a soap that starts at 1230 is going to have a better shot at being number one because not many will watch television after 130 or 2 when you look at the demographics: mostly women who stay at home or have kids; and that's another thing, if you have kids you're probably picking them up from school around 3 or so which is also interesting because GH has managed to stay on even thought it's time slot has always been 3 up until last couple yrs due to the cancellation of the other two ABC soaps that came on before it; THAT right there says a lot; GH is the best hands down! I forget who it was, I think Gloria Monty, she made GH what it is today, a soap with a prime time twist...GENIUS! Y&R will never be cancelled and neither will GH, but the ONLY reason Y&R will not get cancelled is because of that 12:30 time slot, it's their saving grace! Oh and Y&R is starting to take GH actors/actresses LMAO...Genie Frances, Tristan Rogers, Steve Burton and now I read that Bradford Anderson might be coming on (he played Spinelli on GH)....tsk tsk...but I don't blame Y&R GH is the SH*%! :P

  31. Another thing, Y&R was definitely better back in the day, but never the best...anyhoo, one thing I loved about Y&R was Nick and Sharon's storyline - I loved their relationship they ruined them and they have ruined Sharon! I cannot believe they have turned her into this mess of a person doing these horrible things..they fuc&*& up her relationship with Victor which I always loved because he was like a father to her and always had her back and for them to just demolish that by having her marry him was disgusting and wrong! This would never happen on GH...CBS soaps have a tendency to be incestuous especially Bold and the Beautiful...just lacking depth and character development! they have to depend on who sleeps with who next, who gets married for the 8th time to the same person, who get divorced in 2's RIDICULOUS!!! I love GH because the relationships seem real, and the writing is so incredible, the storylines are intricate, there's depth! and CBS soaps DO NOT HAVE DEPTH, THEY SUCK! If Y&R had come on at the same time as Guiding Light, their asses would have been LONG GONE! GH managed to keep on, even though they came on at the latest time - 3:00 PM! They managed to knock out Guiding Light, All My Children, One Life to Live...I don't know what Y&R can do to get it back to what it used to be or get it to a place where the audience would want to watch AT LEAST 75% of the show...ok they brought back Tristan Rogers, but you know he will be back on GH someday, he's not Y&R! Let's be honest, Y&R sucked even with Billy Miller and Michael Muhney on so them leaving should not stop Y&R from delivering good stories; The Delia thing was another mistake; to me I loved watching when she was on - her and Faith are the cutest and most interesting on Y&R to me, now wtf does that tell you?? Y&R WAKE UP!! STOP THINKING THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE "#1" THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO WRITE GREAT STORYLINES;;YOU OWE IT TO YOUR DIE HARD FANS BECAUSE I FEEL SORRY FOR THEM