Saturday, October 19, 2013

NEWS: Marilyn Manson Joins ONCE UPON A TIME; Bridget Dobson on Successful TV Writers; DOCTOR WHO 50th Teaser Image

Marilyn Manson Joining ONCE UPON A TIME Cast
Rolling Stone is reporting that rocker Marilyn Manson will be joining the cast of the show in November. Manson will voice Shadow, a character whose voice will give life to the very essence of Neverland.

SANTA BARBARA co-creator Bridget Dobson on what makes a successful writer
"The writers who are emotionally tuned to the progress of the show, and who are most willing to adjust when the emotions are even slightly off kilter, are the most successful writers; they are the ones who learn as they go along. Adjustments are normal; without them, a show will falter and fail."

"Having said that, television writers are in a business, and sometimes politics seem to transcend the drama of the moment. For example, a network executive may plead for, even insist on, a character or a storyline being included. This situation is also normal, and it can become a kind of wrestling match. If the writer has enough experience to know that a 'trial run' of the character or the story won't 'kill' the show and will placate the executive, then it may be included, for a short period of time. If it works, hooray. If it doesn't, with luck, the executive will learn from his errors. I have yet to live long enough to see that happen. But I advance it to you as a hypothetical theory."

DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary teaser image released ahead of new ‘celebratory’ trailer
The BBC has released a new publicity image featuring every Doctor since the show began in 1963, from William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton up to David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Nicollette Sheridan Denied Effort to Revive DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Trial
The judge sides with ABC as the three-year battle over the star's dismissal from the hit show is ended by a summary judgement in favor of the network.

BREAKING BAD Creator Vince Gilligan: Piracy Boosted Show’s Popularity
“In some ways the illegal downloading has helped us, certainly, in terms of brand awareness,” he said. “The downside is a lot of folks who worked on the show would have made more money, myself included, if all those downloads had been legal.”

JUDGE JUDY files lawsuit against man who uploaded a 2006 episode to YouTube
The company that produces the show -- Big Ticket Television -- gets an enormous amount of money for the show, so the idea that someone is stealing it and not paying a dime has them royally pissed off.

As for the culprit -- his name is Ignacio De Los Angeles. Ignacio dared to post an episode from 2006 on YouTube. Big Ticket told him to take it down, but Ignacio ignored.

It's official: Kristen Bell is Dax Shepard's wife
Kristen Bell proposed to Dax Shepard on Twitter in June, when the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and ruled that same-sex marriages should be allowed in California. (The actors had already announced their engagement in January 2010.)

And now the two are said to have quietly wed at the Beverly Hills County Clerk Office on Thursday.

Y&R's Michael Muhney on Twitter: 'I applaud all my costars' work. They are my team mates. But it's not always necessarily a two-way street.'
"I'm not a part of the click. I don't play their games. And I much prefer it that way. And there are cast members that I just adore. I've made some dear friends. There really are some kind souls at work. #lottalove"

GENERAL HOSPITAL star asked to take a 50% paycut?
"According to the Oct. 29th print edition of GLOBE magazine, the powers that be are insisting that Anthony Geary (Luke) take a 50% pay cut and he insists that he’ll walk if that is their bottom line. From the network’s stand point, actors that work year round and enjoy non-stop front burner storylines don’t make that kind of money while sacrificing other areas of their lives for the sake of the show."


  1. I really doubt anyone would notice if Anthony Geary was no longer on the show. The man has both winter and summer vacations. He's hardly ever on.

  2. Geary also recently said in another interview that he hopes to be on GH for a long time to come, so who knows. I'd be fine with he a Laura leaving together again but Geary seems dead set against another reunion. Like Michael Muhney, he doesn't seem to have learned what an actor's role is and when to keep your mouth closed to not bite the hand that feeds, even at a 50% pay cut.

  3. Keep in mind it is the globe reporting the Geary story.

    Muhney needs to stay off Twitter. His ego is too huge to deal with criticism of any kind. He's not the next Eric Braeden, he's the next Hunt Block.

    The Judge Judy lawsuit may be harsh but they are doing something right with 9 million viewers a day.