Saturday, October 19, 2013

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Day-By-Day Spoilers (Week of October 21st)

Nicole is devastated by Eric's horrible accusation - can she
convince him he's wrong?  Photo Credit: NBC
Check out day-to-day spoilers below to find out what's happening on DAYS OF OUR LIVES during the week of October 21st.


Monday, October 21
Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) issues J.J. (Casey Moss) an ultimatum; Jordan (Chrishell Stause) confronts Kate (Lauren Koslow); Sonny (Freddie Smith) and Gabi (Camila Banus) encourage Will (Chandler Massey) to seize an amazing opportunity in California; Nick (Blake Berris) sees how interested Gabi is in Cameron (Nathan Owens).

Tuesday, October 22
Eric (Greg Vaughan) eavesdrops on a fight between Brady (Eric Marsolf) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker); Kristen (Eileen Davidson) gets the results from her fertility doctor; Jennifer makes a difficult decision; Theresa (Jen Lilley) goes after Daniel (Shawn Christian).

Despite Abigail's objections, a desperate Jennifer tells
Hope she wants JJ arrested for drug possession.
Photo Credit: NBC
Wednesday, October 23
Jennifer tells Hope (Kristian Alfonso) she wants J.J. arrested; things gets out of hand for J.J.; Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) makes Daniel an offer; Nicole tries to convince Eric he's wrong; Brady tells Kristen what Nicole has been saying about her.

Thursday, October 24
Both high, Theresa and J.J. get intimate; Jennifer worries she has lost Daniel and J.J.; Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) has news about Chad (Casey Jon Deidrick); Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) refuses to let Allie continue living at the DiMera mansion.

Friday, October 25
J.J. turns to someone unexpected for help when Theresa overdoses; the confirmation of rumors about Daniel shocks Jennifer; Chad confesses to Abigail; Lucas' ultimatum threatens Sami and E.J.'s happiness; Will shares happy news with Sami.

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  1. I'm an Ejami fan and all for Ejami anguish BUT IF Days break them up I'll be fuming and might just quit watching Days. I mean come on.... We had to wait for 7 years before they would even put them together and now after 10 months of Ejami love, acceptance, passion, romance, commitment, family, love letters etc etc etc to split them up what was the point of it all? Don't get it, it's weird. Ejami have always been hugely popular (hence Days finally having to cave to public pressure) and since being written together have gained more popularity and fans. Days needs to wake up and realize without Ejami Days just flounders! Ejami are their bread and butter.

    1. I am also ejami fan and the writers need to let them be happy together

  2. The whole show is good, it's not just Ejami. Please people wake up. What person in their right mind would marry into that family?

  3. I love DAYS! & even if EJAMI dnt get married break up or whatever even when the storyline drags im gonna watch because watching is whats gonna keep em on t.v for more yrs to come :)

  4. ratings have been up since ejami have been together every time the show has them on ratings go what don`t the producers understand the fans want them together! if they break them up the show is to lose so many viewers they need to keep them together they can handle any problems that come their way!

  5. I am a #1 Days fan and there are tons of us out here. I Love Love Love this show. In fact it is the only show that I watch faithfully and have been for the past 36 years...and I have seen it all and all over again. I love ALL of the characters, the storylines are intriguing, and amazing...Please DO NOT ever take my Days away. I would love to see Bo come back....I have followed Bo and Hope since they first met when she was a chubby cheek, big hair spolled rotten "princess" and I miss seeing them together and oh btw I adore Victor Kiriakis because no one can cut someone down to size with his words better than he can. I fall out laughing everytime he exchanges insults with Nicole, Kristen, Khloe and all of the other vixens who have come to start crap with Brady..Love Victor to death!!!...Keep all the WONDERFUL episodes coming...Even though I have been watching for 36 years, I am 50 and a fan for life with what I pray will be many good viewing years ahead of me, so keep it coming!!! P.S. Did I mention that I have also "recruited" many fans to the show including my husband ...who is retired Marine!!! He is hooked as well and it is the ONLY program that we thoroughly enjoy compromise needed. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

    1. How does your husband feel about Will and Sonny?

  6. I have watched DAYS from the first day it aired and I left in 2011 when the hate boink took place and so did a lot of my friends. A rapist and his victim do not = love or a father kidnapping his child and make a mom think she is dead I could go on and on but I won’t. They may sweep the truth under the rug about junior/Sami history and change Sami so much that she is unrootable but there are thousands of viewers that know the truth and don’t condone it. Kristen raping a priest why is this entertainment worthy? And as far as the ratings go DAYS is in last place. There daily averages are 1.7 to 1.9 when all the other soaps are 2.0 and higher. So the course DAYS is on is not helping the ratings. In my area GH and DAYS are on at the same time and why would I watch rape, drugs, lying, day after day when there is a fantastic soap (GH) on they have all the elements that make a great daytime soap, love, family, adventure, villains, caring about other people. This is my kind of daytime entertainment.

  7. I don't like EJ and Sami together. I love Rafe with Sami. I would love Jack to come back.
    I have watched Days since day one. I'am a loyal fan. Please don't let Jennifer be with Daniel. He is not Jack in no way. I'am also a Bo fan from the begining. Get him back.

  8. I don't like EJ and Sami together and want Rafe with Sami. I also would like to see Bo back and I would love to see Jennifer and Daniel finally together ... they have been through so much and deserve to be together.

  9. Enjoy EJami so much. <3

  10. I would love to see roman with some one. He's been alone too long.

  11. I don't like what Corday is doing with Nicole's character as he had her make a hug change in demeanor and now ties to destroy her. I don't like it or all this focus on JJ and Jen.
    Sorry if the truth hurts but I think either something dramatic happens with the adults of this show or it will just turn into a kiddie show of egos. And Adrienne's character deserves better!

  12. Sami would be bored with Rafe. EJ and Sami make the show more interesting. Nicole deserves a break. Let her have someone but not Eric. Kate is to old for Rafe. He is showing
    interest in Jordan - let it happen.