Friday, September 27, 2013

'The Cheating Pact' Premieres Sept. 28, Stars Daniela Bobadilla, Laura Samuels, Max Carver & Jamie Luner

Jamie Luner stars as 'Ms. Walter' in The Cheating Pact.  Photo
Credit: Lifetime
The Cheating Pact, a Lifetime Television World Premiere will air on Saturday, September 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

In the film, three high school students, Heather, Kylie, and Jordan, played by Daniela Bobadilla, Laura Samuels and Max Carver, under pressure from their parents to get into good colleges, pay a shy but very smart girl, Meredith, (Laura Slade Wiggins, SHAMELESS) to impersonate them and re-take the College Entrance Test in hopes of getting a higher score on the test.

Meredith initially turns them down but when she is faced with a family crisis, she agrees to take part in the deception and armed with fake ID’s, she goes to schools different from her own, so she won’t be recognized.

When Kylie doesn’t get the test scores she demanded, she confronts Meredith, the two argue and Meredith becomes the victim of a mysterious accident. Now all three seniors, facing prosecution for cheating, are suspects in her murder. Heather (Bobadilla, ANGER MANAGEMENT) soon finds that she is being framed for Meredith's murder by Kylie and Jordan (Carver, TEEN WOLF, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) and teams up with her mother, Brenda, (Cynthia Gibb, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW) to prove her innocence.

Jamie Luner (ALL MY CHILDREN, MELROSE PLACE), Paula Trickey, Cory Kahane and Bruce Thomas co-star.

TRUE FACT: Over 2 million college entrance exams are taken annually, 3,000 tests are examined for irregularities and of those 1,000 test scores are canceled. Suspected impersonations make up, on average, 150 of those scores.

Executive Producer is Timothy O. Johnson; Producers are Ken Sanders and Robert Ballo; Story by Ken Sanders; Screenplay by Barbara Kymlicka and Doug Campbell; Directed by Doug Campbell.

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