Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NEWS: Kristen Alderson, Derek Krantz, Chris Carmack, Rachel Melvin, Emily Alyn Lind, Ryan Serhant

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kristen Alderson featured on Philadelphia Eagles "Celebrity Corner" feature
"I’m a true Philadelphian, even though I live in Los Angeles now. The main concern we had as a family when I moved out here – I have been here for almost two years – was making sure I found a place to watch Eagles games. Fortunately, I heard about a place called "The Shack" in Santa Monica and we went there and watched the games in a packed bar with other Eagles fans. Everyone was doing our 'E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES' chants. It was so much fun! My brother isn't 21, though, so we had to find another place. Fortunately, my boyfriend moved down the street from me and he’s got a 60-inch TV, so my family and I watch it with him now."

BREAKING BAD ratings set another record
Sunday’s nights stunning “Ozymandias” episode of the AMC series delivered 6.4 million viewers. That number includes 4.1 million adults 18-49. The hour also inspired 604,765 tweets.

DOWNTON ABBEY Producer Carnival Films To Develop Drama About Winston Churchill
The company has optioned Michael Shelden’s true-life Edwardian saga, "Young Titan," to develop into a series first for the UK, and then take it to the U.S. and global markets. Published in March by Simon & Schuster, the book tells the colorful story of Churchill’s early career, from 1901 to 1915, at the height of England’s imperial glory.

AS THE WORLD TURNS actor Ryan Serhant cast in 'While We're Young'
This casting marks the MILLION DOLLAR LISTING star's return to scripted work. Serhant graduated from Hamilton College with a degree in theatre before nabbing the dual role of Evan Walsh/Frank on the daytime soap AS THE WORLD TURNS in 2008.

Serhant joins already announced cast members Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Driver, Charles Grodin and Adam Horovitz.

'Dumb and Dumber' Sequel Adds Steve Tom, Rachel Melvin, Laurie Holden
Holden is not the female lead, but will play the key role of Adele Pichlow, the wife of a wealthy doctor who has hatched a nefarious plan involving the lives of her husband, Dr. Pichlow (Tom) and her step-daughter Penny (Melvin).

Chris Carmack On Playing A Closeted Country Singer On NASHVILLE
"At the end of last season, the cliffhanger with Will was the mysterious man from his past who he catches a glimpse of in the bar. I can tell you that this mysterious man will be present in Will’s future…he’s going to show up and cause Will a little bit of turmoil. On the music front, he’s still striving to be a star. He said last season that nothing’s going to stop him until he makes it, and he keeps good to his word. He’s not to be deterred."

McKinney native Derek Krantz plays role on ABC show NASHVILLE
"They see that me and one of the main characters have some history together; I pose a threat to their career ambitions," said Krantz, who filmed the coming season's first four episodes in recent weeks. "That starts to play out over the course of this season."

Krantz has previously appeared in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and GUIDING LIGHT.

ALL MY CHILDREN's Emily Alyn Lind stars in "Dear Dumb Diary"
The Hallmark Channel has adapted Scholastic's popular children's book series, "Dear Dumb Diary," and is bringing the movie to families everywhere as part of their Friday night viewing franchise, Walden Family Theater.

In this clip, 11-year old Jamie Kelly (played by Emily Alyn Lind) channels her inner-Uma Thurman as she competes in her school district's first-ever Jump-a-thon fundraiser.

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