Friday, August 16, 2013

WATCH: Christopher Goutman Visits @NELSON'S

ALL MY CHILDREN director Christopher Goutman is this week's guest on @NELSON'S, hosted by Nelson Aspen. Goutman talks about meeting his wife, Marcia McCabe, as an actor at SEARCH FOR TOMORROW, and playing Sharkey on THE EDGE OF NIGHT before making the transition to director and, later, executive producer. He looks back at ANOTHER WORLD and AS THE WORLD TURNS, and talks about some of the talented actors that have come from daytime soap opera (Jordana Brewster, Peyton List, Jennifer Ferrin).

Goutman also shares his Insight into the State of Soaps.

"Serial storytelling exists in so many forms now," Goutman says. "It's just the financial model is very, very difficult to sustain in this environment."

On the cancellation of ANOTHER WORLD and AS THE WORLD TURNS, Goutman says he understands the sense of loss felt by the fans.

"I total understand because I felt that too," he reveals. "I've said this publicly, I felt like I was the captain that let the ship go down. How that relates to facts is something completely different."

He says ATWT's ratings began to go down when THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL premiered and took ATWT's timeslot, but by the end it was an aging show.

"The fact of the matter is [AS THE WORLD TURNS] was on for over 50 years. That's an incredible accomplishment. When the show went off the air there wasn't this groundswell of protest about it, it just sort of went away. That was AS THE WORLD TURNS. That was their DNA. That was how people viewed it. It was an aging audience and they were never a passionate group. Even GUIDING LIGHT, their audience was a lot more passionate, and when the ABC shows (ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE) went off the air it was insurrection. But not for AS THE WORLD TURNS, it was a quiet death."

He mentions there was great interest in picking up ANOTHER WORLD from a number of very important sources but "P&G did not follow up on for whatever reasons they had."

There is much more in this fascinating interview. Watch it all below:

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