ALL MY CHILDREN Spoilers (Week of August 12th)

Jason Derulo performed on the set of ALL MY CHILDREN on May 8, 2013.
His appearance airs August 12th. Photo Credit: The Online Network/ David Russell

Check out what's coming up on The OnLine Network's ALL MY CHILDREN the week of August 12th below:


Episode 52
Jason Derulo performs at the Chandler Media Gala. Alone and beaten down, Jesse finds support in the last person he would ever consider calling a friend. Will JR’s presentation be a hit or miss at the Chandler Media Gala? What surprise guest will have the last word? Zach and Miranda have a heart to heart talk about AJ. But will Miranda be able to tell AJ how she feels before it’s too late?

Episode 53
In a dire situation between life and death, will David come face to face with his son? JR and Cara share a kiss, but does it mark the beginning or the end of their relationship? Celia and Colby square off, but this time retribution belongs to Celia. All hell breaks loose when a drunken Jesse crashes the Gala. Who will he go after with a vengeance?

CNN's Jake Tapper guest stars.

Soaps, sex and stars, behind the scenes of AMC! Exclusive actor interviews, inside scoops and a first look at what's coming up next!

All three episodes will be available on Monday, August 12th.

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