Friday, August 2, 2013

ALL MY CHILDREN Spoilers (Week of August 19th)

Check out what's coming up on The OnLine Network's ALL MY CHILDREN the week of August 19th below:


Episode 55
JR and AJ go head to head over his use of steroids. Will JR’s rage lead him to destroy someone in his family? When Dimitri puts a necklace on Brooke and she feels his touch, will it lead to a kiss—and betrayal? Can Colby, our vulnerable vixen, recover from the slight by her father, Adam Chandler, or will it send her on a quest for love? David shares a tender moment with Oliver. Will he put the pieces together and realize he is his son or will Cara admit her duplicity?

Episode 56
Cara confronts JR about stealing her prescription scripts. Will her work as a doctor be in jeopardy? Pete ups the romance and plans a night for Celia straight out of the movies. Colby and Opal team up as a dynamic duo to cause mayhem in Pine Valley. But will they get caught? JR’s rage builds, and he makes a destructive plan. Who will it impact—David, Brooke, Dimitri, or Cara?

Soaps, sex and stars, behind the scenes of AMC! Exclusive actor interviews, inside scoops and a first look at what's coming up next!

All three episodes will be available on Monday, August 19th.

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