Saturday, July 27, 2013

NEWS: Lesbians Are Having the Best Summer Ever on TV; The Evolution of the TV Lawyer; BREAKING BAD Documentary; NBC Says "Flat Is The New Up"

Lesbians Are Having the Best Summer Ever on TV
"We're at a point now where tokenism or generic representation isn't enough. What's special about this summer is the range of lesbian characters we're seeing on TV: from super femme to super butch, Kinsey sixes and Kinsey ones, monogamous and non-monogamous, young and old. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is the new high-water mark for shows with prominent lesbian characters."

RAY DONOVAN Executive Producer Bryan Zuriff Pleads Guilty In Gambling Ring Tied To Russian Mob, Faces 5 Years In Prison
Days after Showtime picked up his freshman drama for a second season, the series’ executive producer Bryan Zuriff has pleaded guilty to running an illegal gambling operation. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement today from New York that Zuriff faces up to five years in prison and has agreed to forfeit $500,000 as part of his plea deal, according to the statement.

NBC’s Bob Greenblatt: “flat is the new up”
NBC Entertainment boss Bob Greenblatt called this “the year of improvement” for the Peacock network. NBC had its most competitive 18-49 season in nine years, he noted, with no help from Super Bowl or Olympics.
“Flat is the new

Fiona Ogilvy, 45th in line to the throne, will appear on DOWNTON ABBEY
The granddaughter of the Queen's cousin, Princess Alexandra of Kent, is joining the popular TV series. According to U.K.'s Daily Express, the 18-year-old will be an extra in the upcoming season and has already filmed with Maggie Smith (who plays Dowager Countess of Grantham) and Hugh Bonneville (Earl of Grantham on the show).

Dennis O'Hare returning for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN
Ryan Murphy tweeted the news: "Very pleased to announce that the Emmy nominated Denis O'Hare is joining AHS: Coven."

BREAKING BAD Documentary Will Follow Drama’s End
Series creator Vince Gilligan says the film is comprehensive and, in his words, really good. He says it may be available exclusively as part of the series’ complete box set on Blu-ray and possibly DVD.

BREAKING BAD Creator On Possible Series Spinoff
"It’s for powers bigger than me to figure out if it can come to fruition, but I’d very much like that to be the case."

The Evolution of the TV Lawyer
Since the popularization of television in the 1950s, the TV lawyer has been a ubiquitous presence on the small screen. This week's New Republic interview with BREAKING BAD's Bob Odenkirk—who plays a slimy lawyer if there ever was one—inspired them to take a look at the evolution of the TV lawyer. From the classic characters to the revolutionary.

It takes a 'war room' to launch Netflix's series
Netflix Inc. invited The Associated Press to its Los Gatos, Calif., headquarters for an unprecedented glimpse at the technical preparations that go into the release of its original programming. The shows have become the foundation of Netflix's push to build an Internet counterpart to HBO's premium cable channel.

"This is Silicon Valley's equivalent of a midnight movie premiere in Hollywood," says Chris Jaffe, Netflix's vice president of product innovation.

HELL ON WHEELS Season 3: 'We're telling better stories better,' says new showrunner
"I experienced the show the same way that you guys did, as a fan and a viewer ... When I was approached by AMC to take the job, I sat down with the episodes to watch them straight through from one to 20 and I asked my wife if she would sit with me and just give me her opinion," John Wirth says. "As soon as Anson [Mount, series lead] came on the screen, my wife said, 'Oh. My.' SO I thought there might be something that she was seeing that I wasn't ... I think the show has a lot of strengths and that's what attracted me to it. These two gentlemen being foremost amongst those strengths and also we have the rest of our cast, incredible cast of actors, and we've added a couple new ones this year."

Kaitlyn Black promoted to series regular for HART OF DIXIE Season 3
As DIXIE creator Leila Gerstein explains it, promoting Black for the upcoming run was a no-brainer. “Kaitlyn started off with one line, and we fell in love with her,” the showrunner gushes. “Her part has grown and grown as the writing staff has become more enraptured with Annabeth (and Kaitlyn). And, at this point, she has become so integral to the series — as Lemon’s best friend, as Lavon’s girlfriend, and as Zoe’s confidante — that we needed to make sure she was all ours!”

UK: Real Life Soap Scandals: From Leslie Grantham And Danniella Westbrook To Michelle Keegan And Lacey Turner
It's not just soap character's lives that are full of drama - a lot of the time the real lives of the actors who play them give the storyline teams at EASTENDERS, CORONATION STREET and EMMERDALE enough material to last years.

Support grows for accused CORRIE star Michael Le Vell
Some fans think Michael Le Vell should be allowed to return to CORONATION STREET while awaiting trial on child sex charges.

Mexico Releases First Maya-Speaking Television Soap Opera
A soap opera called BAKTUN, spoken entirely in Maya, will premiere to Mexican television audiences, featuring Maya actors from the Yucatan Peninsula with their dialogue captioned in Spanish.

The 21-episode soap series, which premiered at Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology in June, will be aired by Quintana Roo state television in August and is it set to hit YouTube soon.

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