Friday, July 12, 2013


Last Friday the season finale of Dutch soap GOEDE TIJDEN SLECHTE TIJDEN (Good times, bad times) aired. It was the highest-rated finale in 11 years wtih 1.822 million viewers.

We Love Soaps contributor Mark Knoop wrote a summary of the episode:
An important day is getting close: Rik and Nuran are getting married. To celebrate this 'big jump' Maxime organizes a bachelor party. With a group of friends they're going to make a parachute jump. They're busy with training and preparations, but the atmosphere in the group is getting more and more grim because of the different conflicts.

Rikki and Wiet are excited because they're going to make their first solo jump, but Wiet is also frustrated over the fact that Noud has once again chosen Nina over her. She feels used by Noud and hates Nina from the bottom of her heart. Nina is busy with her own problems regarding Noud, Mike and Wiet. Nina is furious at Noud because he betrayed her in court during the custody case of Nola and because he cheated on her with Wiet. She's also terrified that her worst nightmare might come true: Mike taking her daughter Nola away from her (Mike is the biological father).

Mike, personally invited by Rik, should ask himself if it's a good idea to get on a plane with the cunning Lorena, seeing as he has been getting in the way of her business. Lorena has found out that Mike took away Hotel "De Rozenboom" from her and she's obviously not going to just accept that.

Things aren't going great between Rik and Nuran either, even though all the festivities revolve around them. Rik keeps trying to reunite his future wife and her sister Aysen. He's determined to resolve this, despite not knowing what the reason is for their separation. Last year Aysen pushed Rik's brother Danny from the stairs. Danny didn't survive this. Aysen, a police detective, covered it up and made it look like an accident. Nuran now knows this and no longer wants to have anything to do with her sister. But she's also keeping this from Rik. Aysen invites herself for the jump and by doing that she causes a lot of tension.

Bing is also on the list of people who's going to make a jump, even though he has other things on his mind. In a fit of rage he hurt the mother of his unborn child, because Aysen has been causing trouble in their relationship.

What should be a fun day will slowly change into a nightmare when the group of friends, each of them with personal conflicts, are heading for a disastrous accident... Because someone sabotaged one of the parachutes the night before.
Watch the episode below:

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