Friday, July 12, 2013

DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES Returns July 30th, Deidre Hall & Matthew Ashford Join The Cast

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Matthew Ashford (ex-Jack Deveraux) join the cast of musical comedy soap opera, DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES, launching July 30th online at

Created by Devin Mills (DAYS OF OUR LIVES, GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE O.C., BIG LOVE), DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES follows Samantha Collins, a divorced, historical romance novelist attempting to navigate the dating scene after her fifteen year marriage ends. However, her overactive imagination tends to send her on flights of fancy to medieval times and beyond!

Joshua Finkel (Choreographer), Courtney Merritt (Rachel
Collins), Steve Silverman (Director), Deidre Hall (Fiona
Fleming)  and Devin Mills (plays Samantha Collins)
“Deidre Hall plays my mother, Fiona Fleming,” Mills says, “and she is constantly trying to set me up with (who she thinks is) Mr. Right which unfortunately turns out incredibly wrong. And she even sings in one of the episodes.”

“Matthew Ashford is Samantha’s love interest, Nick Hamilton, this season,” Mills adds. “He’s a non-fiction writer who meets Samantha at a lecture, 'Hygiene in the Middle Ages,' and asks her out on a date which hopefully will turn into something more. He also appears in one of her medieval fantasy sequences where things get a little hot and steamy.”

Produced by Rogue Cowgirl Productions, Inc., DITMA, as the show is lovingly nick-named, has the quirkiness of ALLY MCBEAL and the slap stick comedy of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.

The first season of DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES can be viewed at

You can also follow the show on Twitter (@datingwebseries) and Facebook.

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