Sunday, June 2, 2013

Heather Tom's RENOVATION UNSCRIPTED Will Premiere June 14 On HGTV

James Achor & Heather Tom
Heather Tom's new HGTV series RENOVATION UNSCRIPTED will premiere on June 14 at 9:30 a.m. as one of four episodes to air that morning.

Heather Tom is a Daytime Emmy-winning actress, and every word of her performance is scripted. But when she's not in the studio, she likes to tackle projects that aren't as cut-and-dried. Together with her husband, James, she has a second career: a renovation and design business, bringing fresh and eclectic style to clients' homes. So juggling two full time careers, plus trying to build a happy home life with James as newlyweds - all while expecting a baby - requires some serious improvisation on Heather's part. And as she and James discover with each new space, every project is a renovation unscripted.

Like Adam and Laura's living room (the first episode). It's a dark, bland grey box that's totally uninviting. They want to open the space up, and make it useful, for guests and for themselves. So Heather, James, Petey and crew are ready to make it happen, removing an oddly-placed wall to brighten the space, adding plenty of built-in shelving and custom woodwork, and making the fireplace a focal point in the room. Adam will even get the pool table he's always wanted. And for their signature touch, Heather and James use a reclaimed object in each project they create, so they'll discover the perfect accompaniment to go with Laura's piano stool heirloom.

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