Tuesday, June 11, 2013

NEWS: Why More TV Shows Should Kill Their Characters; Plus, THE TALK Post-Emmy Show, William Roache, Lindsey McKeon, Susan Lucci, Jane Krakowski

THE TALK to Air Post-Emmy Celebration Episode
A rep for the CBS talk show tells TV Guide Magazine that the five hosts will be joined live in-studio on Monday, June 17 (2pm/1c/1p) by some of the biggest winners from the previous night's 40 annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The guest roster at this "after party" will not be limited to CBS winners.

William Roache's next court date is September 2
The actor, who plays Ken Barlow in CORONATION STREET, last week faced new charges of five indecent assaults involving four girls aged from 12 to 16. He denies all the charges. He was bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court again on September 2 with a 13 January provisional trial date set. An ITV spokesman previously confirmed Mr Roache would not be appearing in the soap until legal proceedings had concluded.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS not recasting the role of Tucker
A search for actors to assume the role of Y&R's Tucker — played by Stephen Nichols from 2009-13 — has been halted. The character was reportedly returning for Katherine's funeral and would then have a story, but an insider says the show decided it would be too distracting to have a new face in the mix.

Nelson Aspen names Jane Krakowski "best dressed" at The Tony Awards

Red Wedding, Great Business: Why More TV Shows Should Kill Their Characters
What happens on most TV show is the cast is paid a modest (by TV standards) amount the first season unless there are any big celebrities on board. Then, as the show starts to succeed, the cast starts to demand more and more money and more of the lucrative syndication dollars. The cast members start to have serious leverage and they use it. In the name of keeping costs low and fans engaged, more TV shows could adopt the anyone-could-go mentality.

GUIDING LIGHT/ONE TREE HILL actress Lindsey McKeon engaged
She will also be guest starring in NECESSARY ROUGHNESS.

MAD MEN: Is Bob Benson Gay? Probably Not
Last week, MAD MEN creator Matthew Weiner declined to comment to TheWrap on the widespread theory that Benson (James Wolk) is a government agent, sent to spy on serial liar Don Draper. On Sunday, we were offered another possibility: Bob is constantly on the wrong floor, offering his services to everyone in sight, because of a sexual interest in at least one of the men of Sterling Cooper & Partners.

But has Bob masterfully honed in on and exploited Pete Campbell's greatest insecurity?

All 30 GAME OF THRONES Episodes Ranked From Worst To Best
1. “Baelor”
2. “Blackwater”

Primetime Emmy ballot surprises
Best Drama Supporting Actress: Elizabeth McGovern (DOWNTON ABBEY) failed to reap a lead bid so she is moving to supporting. Madeleine Stowe contended in lead at the Golden Globes for the first season of REVENGE, but she is also making the move.

Susan Lucci promoting DEVIOUS MAIDS
She's joined by other stars such as Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty and Judy Reyes from SCRUBS.

"The relationship between my character and hers is so fantastic. Her daughter, played by Edy Ganem, has a crush on my son who is in college. So there is a lot of intrigue. The show is so funny. There are scenes that are absolutely hilarious. There is also, you know, the intrigue and murder, mayhem, little surprises and sexy... All the good stuff."

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