Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stars & Industry React To Jeanne Cooper's Death

Jeanne Cooper's death prompted an outpouring of love and support from the soap opera industry and beyond on Wednesday. Check out a roundup of reaction including official statements and on social networking sites.

Official Statements:

Corbin Bernsen (ex-Todd, Y&R; ex-Durant, GH) & Family: "A beacon of light guiding us all toward humanity, humility, and equality has been extinguished but a shimmer of it will always remain as reminder from her to us all of a kinder world that is here for us each to embrace feed and make flourish in a way her truest work has just begun for us to honor her vision and make that her legacy. One of the last great Broads in our business - Jeanne Cooper (84 years old) - Mom - is now stirring up trouble in great beyond."

Jess Walton (Jill, Y&R): "Jeanne Cooper was one of a kind. No one who has ever known her would disagree with that statement. Her life force and energy were legendary. Many a time I marveled as she outlasted the rest of us on late night shoots. She was a moving, inventive, and powerful actress. She was a loving mother and grandmother. She was part warrior, part rabble rouser, part truck driver and part Diva, all wrapped up in one Great Lady. Most of all, to me, she was my friend and I loved her. For the last 26 years, hers was the face I most wanted to see when I came to work. Hers was the energy I most wanted to bounce off of on stage. Hers was the voice that kept me in stitches . And because of all that, hers is the presence I will never in my life forget."

Lee Phillip Bell (Y&R co-creator): "JEANNE COOPER: respected colleague, industry icon, woman of passion and grandeur; most important, beloved friend. She was a shining beacon. Her love was unexpendable, and was given freely to all, from fans to great celebrities. She was not jaded by success, nor impressed by wealth and fame. Her crowning glory was her family: her children Corbin, Collin and Caren and her grandchildren, whom she adored, and all of whom adored her in return. Her presence resonated in the lives of all those around her. Through her personal and professional journey, she saved hundreds, possibly thousands, from the depths of alcoholism. She embodied compassion and forgiveness. No daytime icon has ever been more influential in the lives of millions. She will be terribly missed, but her light will shine on forever. May angels guide you on your journey, dear Jeanne. I will love you forever."

Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R) Statement: "She was an absolute joy to work with. We never did a scene without having laughs. After a painful struggle she has finally found peace. I will miss working with her a lot."

Lauralee Bell (Christine, Y&R): "Jeanne was the matriarch of the show in every sense of the word. When you did work you were proud of, you'd hope for approval or a "good job" from Jeanne as a child would from a parent. When things got too tense, she'd break the tension with her amazing wit. She would teach the younger actors without ever talking down to them. In fact, she would raise them up. She always had my back and my parents (and our whole family) always had hers. I am so grateful that Jeanne and I were on "Marie" together last month with my mom -- what a gift to sit next to her and hold hands. When she saw me breaking down watching a clip of my late dad, she rescued me on camera by speaking of her gratitude towards him and the ways he had helped her. She squeezed my hand harder and had my back yet again. Like everything else Jeanne did, she was very brave. I know she was the light of her family. I will miss her so much!"

Kate Linder (Esther, Y&R): "My heart is breaking for Jeanne Cooper's wonderful family and for all of us who truly loved Jeanne through the years. Jeanne was my mentor and an amazing actress and friend. We've been through so much together and I loved her like family. She and Bill Bell were the two people most responsible for my career on "Y & R." and the world is a darker place without them. When Jeanne welcomed you into her life, you knew it and it was a fantastic feeling. This is truly the end of an era, not just for fans of "The Young and the Restless" but for all of the people she touched throughout her long and distinguished career and life. She's always been larger than life and an inspiration to me and so many others. I can't imagine a world without Jeanne Cooper -- it won't be the same without her fighting spirit and lust for life and to say she will be missed is an understatement for what we are all feeling today."

Doug Davidson (Paul, Y&R) Statement: "She was one of a kind and she held my hand for 35 years. She helped me be a better actor, husband, parent, and friend. My life was so enriched having known her. She was such a loving, kind soul. With Jeanne, there was no judgment, no rules. She loved you for you. She always had time for you and was so gracious with her love. For me, she was a personal giant, an sublime example of how to behave on planet Earth. I will miss her more than I can describe. I will say with certainty, that Heaven just got a hell of a lot more interesting! ....God's speed, my dear friend. I love you."

Bradley Bell (B&B executive producer/head writer): "Jeanne Cooper - A genuine person, gifted performer, good friend to all. Never before and never again. A true artist and legend. She will be missed. My thoughts and my love are with her family."

Reaction from Twitter and Facebook:

Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren, Y&R): "@corbinbernsen‬ I am beyond sad and so grateful for every minute I had with her. Love to you all. Oxox"

Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R): "These hallowed halls will never be the same :("

Michael Muhney (Adam, Y&R): "She lived a long life. She kicked her fair share of asses. The world just got a little less feisty today. You'll be missed, Jeanne Cooper."

Bobbie Eakes ‏(ex-Macy, B&B et al): "My condolences to the family of the wonderful Jeanne Cooper. This is a sad day for me. Jeanne, you will be greatly missed."

Martha Madison ‏(ex-Belle, DAYS): "Prayers up for Ms. Cooper! A legend!"

Eric Braeden (Victor, Y&R): "I am deeply saddened by Jeanne’s passing! She had struggled enormously to the very end! She loved her fans, & we all loved working with her! It feels like the end of an era! Everyone here is just deeply saddened! I loved working with her! We always had some laughs! She had a very loving family around her! Corbin and Collin and Caren and their loved ones were always at Jeanne’s side!"

Lauralee Bell ‏ (Christine, Y&R): "Jeanne took me under her wing from the moment I started Y&R. A friend, teacher, mother figure, a true joy. I will miss her so! ‪#YR40."

Thom Bierdz (ex-Phillip, Y&R): "my friend, the great Jeanne Cooper has finished her earth existence at this time. The last time I saw her was in 2011, when this photo was taken. I told her that night how great she was so many times that her sister told me to stop kissing her ass. But I thought it may be the last time I see her and wanted to let Jeanne know, as an intelligent man who could see a big picture, just how much she had accomplished, and how many people thought about her in such reverence. Few people accomplish what she did, and as a driven man, I respect that most about Jeanne. But I also knew her personally, and we spent so many hours in her dressing room over the decades, just the two of us, talking about very personal stuff. She loved and touched so many people across the globe. I am just one. And eternally grateful to have shared this time, space, existence, dream, with her... Jeanne, may you see how bright you are/were..."

Barbara Crampton (ex-Leanna, Y&R): "RIP Jeanne Cooper. Amazing talent. Beautiful person. Intuitive. Kind. No one did classy and ballsy as well as she...xo Jeanne Cooper was gracious & welcoming to new players on the set. Extras, day players, to me. She made me feel like family on the first day."

Heather Tom (Katie, B&B; ex-Victoria, Y&R): ‏"Just heard abt Jeanne cooper-my heart goes out to her family-she was an amazing lady-a true class act-I learned so much from her. Her grace and commitment to the work was an inspiration to us all-I will never forget her advice, support and encouragement."

‎‏Daniel Goddard (Cane, Y&R): "I am just crushed to hear that #JeanneCooper has passed away. We have lost an icon. She was the grand dame, a beautiful soul who touched the lives of millions. I am honored and so privileged to have been part of her miraculous life... and she will always be in my heart."

Marco Dapper ‏(Carmine, Y&R): "Jeanne Cooper, you will be missed. Love you so much, you were such an inspiration to life! Godspeed Jeanne. Fare the well beautiful lady! Godspeed Jeanne Cooper."

Robin Strasser (Dorian, OLTL): "Sadly learned the GREAT Jeanne Cooper has passed. An enormous talent-energizing rooms by walking in. She lived a life to be celebrated."

Scott Reeves ‏(ex-Steve, GH; ex-Ryan, Y&R): "Rest peacefully ‪@Jeannecooper1‬. We love you and look forward to singing a new song. Psalm 23."

Jeff Branson ‏(ex-Ronan, Y&R): "The world lost one of its original Dames today. To say Jeanne will be missed is a vast understatement. Love you Jeanne."

Tammin Sursok ‏(ex-Colleen, Y&R; Jenna, PLL): "Rest in peace ‪#JeanneCooper‬. You were always so kind to me. You are now the brightest angel in heaven."

Lindsay Bushman ‏(ex-Summer, Y&R): "Can’t express how blessed I am to have worked with such a firecracker and icon. She willbe missed!@Jeannecooper1 ‪#YR"

Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge, B&B): "Jeanne Cooper, your inspiration and generosity of positive spirit will live on in our hearts always. Thank you, my friend, for all you are. Love and Light… R"

Melissa Ordway ‏(Abby, Y&R): "My thoughts and prayers are with Jeanne Cooper and her family. The world lost wonderful lady and talent. Thank you for being an inspiration."

Colleen Zenk ‏(ex-Barbara, ATWT): "Just heard about Jeanne Cooper’s death. Never forget having lunch with her in ‘11. What a fab dame. And a helluva actress. Rest now, Jeanne." She later added: "Have been reading all the Jeanne Cooper accolades. Wish I had know her better. What a deep loss for the Daytime community. #whatanoriginal

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R): "Heaven just gained one feisty angel. RIP the beautiful Jeanne Cooper."

Steve Burton (Dylan, Y&R): "A legend may pass but their light never goes out. ‪#RIPJeanne‬ My prayers are with her family."

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R): "No Words..."

Galen Gering (Rafe, DAYS): "My deepest condolences go out to ‪@corbinbernsen‬ and all of your family and everyone at ‪@YandR_CBS‬. Jeanne was an amazing woman."

Ian Buchanan (Duke, GH): "Good night ‪#JeanneCooper‬. You will be missed. Xoxox"

Frank Valentini (EP, GH): " Daytime has lost a legend. Our thoughts are with Jeanne Cooper’s family. Love and sympathy from everyone at GH."

Angelica McDaniel (Head of CBS Daytime): "Jeanne Cooper was a TV icon who touched millions and will live on in our hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with her family."

Emme Rylan (Lulu, GH; ex-Abby, Y&R): "This is truly a sad day for daytime. Rest in peace beautiful Jeanne Cooper. Sending love and prayers to her loved ones. #YR"

Jill Farren Phelps (Y&R EP): "It is with immeasurable sadness and our deepest condolences to her family, that The Young and the Restless mourns the loss of our beloved Jeanne Cooper."

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, Y&R): "There are some people in the world who are just magical...Jeanne Cooper was one of those people ‪#Legend‬ ‪#ripjeanne‬ ‪#originalbadass‬ ‪#beauty"

Hayley Erin (ex-Abby, Y&R): "Wow, rest in peace Jeanne Cooper"

Sean Kanan (A.J., GH): "Dearest Jeanne Cooper has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family. Sleep with the angels."

Crystal Chappell (Danielle, B&B): "My condolences to Jeanne's family. What a divine lady she was..."

Drew Cheetwood (Max, GH): "Very sad to hear Jeanne Cooper has passed thoughts and prayers go out to her family..daytime has lost a titan.."

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B): "So sorry to hear about Jeanne Cooper. She was an amazing person, mother, and actress! She is an inspiration to all! Love u Jeanne! Miss u!"

Sonya Eddy (Epiphany, GH): "Sending my prayers to Jeanne Cooper's family and loved ones today. She was a class act & a truly great lady..."

Andy Cohen (WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE): "RIP Jeanne Cooper - a daytime LEGEND! And one of the most fun broads you could ever hope to meet!"

Adrienne Frantz (ex-Amber, B&B/Y&R): "My beautiful friend Jeanne Cooper passed away this morning. I am heartbroken! I love you so much Jeanne! Now coolest strongest angel ever!!!"

Adrianna Léon (ex-Brook Lynn, GH; ex-Colleen, Y&R): "@corbinbernsen‬ Corbin, my heart, thoughts, love & prayers r with u & ur family. I adored ur mother & will forever cherish the memories that I have of her. Not only was she full of life, absolutely hilarious, an inspiration & one hell of a feisty/bold. presence but she took me under her wing & offered so much love, care, realism, support and amazing advice. She was a great woman and I consider myself very lucky to have shared that time with her. My sympathies for your loss. Huge hugs to you and yours. Xxoxo- Adrianna Leon"

Shenell Edmonds (ex-Destiny, OLTL): "RIP Jeanne Cooper. Soap Legend. Grew up watching Mrs. Chancellor with my gramma. ‪@Official_YandR"

‏Samantha Bailey (ex-Summer, Y&R): "I am so saddened to hear that Jeanne Cooper passed away today. She is a legend! I loved seeing her and she gave the greatest hugs! Y&R won't be the same without her. Love you Jeanne!!! This isn't goodbye.... it is simply see you later."

Max Ehrich (Fenmore, Y&R): "The amazing Jeanne Cooper will be missed immensely.

Daniel Polo (ex-Jamie, Y&R): Hollywood has lost a legend.Very sad to hear about Jeanne Cooper's passing. Thoughts/Prayers with her family/friends & everyone at Y&R ‪#YR40"

Gina Tognoni (ex-Kelly, OLTL; ex-Dinah, GL): "A dear sweet soul has passed today. I admired your strength and style- rest in peace- J. Cooper. You were always kind and bigger than life- you will be missed. God Bless your entire family, at home and in TV land-"

Steve Mosko (President, Sony Pictures Television): "Jeanne Cooper was a legend in daytime and a beloved member of our Y&R family," said Steve Mosko, president of Sony Pictures Television. "She touched the lives of millions, who watched her every day over the past 40 years. We send our sincerest condolences to her family as we also celebrate her wonderful life."

Jon Lindstrom ‏(ex-Kevin, GH): "This was a good woman. Very sorry to see her go. But, what a life!"

Lisa Rinna ‏(ex-Billie, DAYS): "RIP dear Jeanne Cooper. She was a mentor to me and I will be forever Grateful for her kindness. She was a Broad and she taught me a lot!"

Eileen Davidson ‏(Kristen, DAYS; ex-Ashley, Y&R): "@YandR_CBS So sad 2 hear our Jean has gone.I'm happy & proud 2 have not only known this amazing woman but 2 have worked with her. #1ofakind"

Hunter King (Summer, Y&R): "We will miss you Jeanne Cooper. You are such an inspiration for all of us."

Don Diamont (Bill, B&B; ex-Brad, Y&R): "I just love Jeanne and have so much respect for her. She was such a supporter of mine when I started at Y&R as a young, green actor. That always meant so much to me. She was truly one-of-a-kind. This next saying is used far too often but is truly applicable in her case: when they made Jeanne Cooper they broke the mold."

Robert Newman ‏(ex-Josh, GL) on FB: "Just got off the plane at JFK and heard about Jeanne Cooper from Y&R passing away. 84 years young and a true professional. A great loss. Love and prayers to her family." And later on Twitter: "Thoughts and prayers out to the family of Jeanne Cooper. And to her @Official_YandR family as well. A true pro."

Jen Lilley ‏(ex-Maxie, GH): "Sad to hear about #JeanneCooper's passing. She was dearly loved by millions and a great asset to soaps!"

Nancy Lee Grahn ‏(Alexis, GH): "Today Heaven welcomed one fiesty, spirited, brilliant Diva. Jeanne Cooper's light will never go out. Thank God."

Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS): "Rest in peace #JeanneCooper . A true Veteran of what we do."

Shemar Moore (ex-Malcolm, Y&R): "Today. JEANNE COOPER passed away.. She played "MRS CHANCELOR" on The Young and The Restless.. She is a Legend. She made me laugh! All Love!!"

Marlee Matlin (Melody, SWITCHED AT BIRTH): ‏"Dear @corbinbernsen so sorry to read about the passing of your dear mother. #JeanneCooper was pure class and she WAS Y&R. xoxo Marlee"

Kate Linder (Esther, Y&R): "Thank u all for ur love & support. I'm crushed to lose my mentor, friend & co-worker. Sweet dream, Jeanne. My love to ur family!"

Ashley Jones ‏(Bridget, B&B): "My heart goes out to Jeanne Cooper's family, friends and all her fans. What a legend! Blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her."

Eden Riegel ‏(Bianca, AMC): "I am terribly sad to hear of #JeanneCooper's passing. What a fine lady she was. Talented, huge heart, funny as hell, and sexy to the end."

Victoria Rowell (ex-Dru, Y&R): "Jeanne Cooper & I had many conversations on & off set about a lot of topics. She even joined me in Boston w/Shemar Moore. We had a ball! Jeanne Cooper: a woman of substance."

Kristoff St. John (Neil, Y&R): "And, through the darkness of the clouds, I swore that I saw my friend. Holy rays of sunshine. ‪#JeanneCooper‬"

Melina Kanakaredes (ex-Eleni, GL): "Dear ‪@corbinbernsen‬ wishing you & ur family love & light. I adored Ur mom & loved spending time with her when I was on GL! Xo Melina"

Sarah Brown (ex-Madison, DAYS; ex-Carly, GH, ex-Claudia, GH): "Jeanne Cooper, lighting up my TV since I was 12 years old. She'll be missed by so many. Flirting with the angels now, rest in peace Jeanne"

Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee, AMC): "RIP ‪@Jeannecooper1‬ Incredible actress"

Diana DeGarmo (ex-Angelina, Y&R): "Just heard the devastating news about the 1 & only Jeanne Cooper's passing. My love goes out to all of her family and friends-heart breaking"

Lauren Koslow (Kate, DAYS): "‪#JeanneCooper‬ Rest in Peace gallant lady, I still remember your kind & encouraging words …on my first very first job ‪#YR‬"

Jacklyn Zeman (ex-Bobbie, GH): "RIP ‪@jeannecooper1‬ ‪@corbinbernsen‬ God Bless. May the love and the light within you continue to shine, always."

Christel Khalil (Lily, Y&R): "Lost a legend today. Jeanne Cooper who was an incredible woman, mom, grandmother, and actress. She was a firecracker and always spoke her...Mind which I admire more than anything. With Jeanne, what you saw is what you got. You will be missed, Katherine Chancellor will be missed.. I'm glad she lived a long full life. If only we all can be so lucky."

Ricky Paull Goldin (ex-Jake, AMC): "Wondering how WE will manage. Goodnight to the beautiful Jeanne Cooper."

Linda Dano (ex-Felicia, AW; ex-Rae, OLTL): "My early birthday celebration with good friends. I am so lucky. We toasted Jeanne Cooper"

Jacqueline MacInnes (Steffy, B&B): "So sad to hear about Jeanne Cooper's passing this morning. What a kind & talented woman. My thoughts & prayers are with her family & friends"

Melissa Reeves (Jennifer, DAYS): "so blessed to have had some sweet moments with jeanne cooper;) she is unforgettable. prayers for her family"

David Hasselhoff (ex-Snapper, Y&R): "SAD DAY Jeanne Cooper of THE Y&R passing away She was my mentor & loyal friend and Ill never forget her. Love to her family ‪@corbinbernsen‬"

Darin Brooks (ex-Max, DAYS): "RIP will be missed... ‪@YandR_CBS‬ ‪@Official_YandR‬"

Lawrence St.Victor (Carter, B&B; ex-Remy, GL): "My sincerest condolences and heartfelt prayers go out to Jeanne Cooper's family and friends."

CBS Daytime: "The CBSDaytime family mourns the loss of our matriarch and beloved Jeanne Cooper. Her legacy will live on in our hearts forever."

Leslie Charleson (Monica, GH): "Daytime has lost one of it's brightest stars today. My heart goes out to the Cooper/Bernsen family."

Ron Carlivati (HW, GH): "My sincerest condolences to the colleagues, family & friends of ‪@Jeannecooper1‬ AKA the one and only Katherine Chancellor from ‪#YR‬. ‪#GH‬"

Angell Conwell (Leslie, Y&R): "Her warm spirit, sincere hugs, bright smile, great sense of humor & timeless talent will never be forgotten ❤ #JeanneCooper"

Laura Wright (Carly, GH): "Sad sad day. RIP Jeanne Cooper. Love and prayers to your family. Hugs to all Y&R fans xo"

Jessica Collins (Avery, Y&R): "A very sad day for all of us. You will be deeply missed Jeanne Cooper"

One Life to Live ‏(@onelifetolive): "We’re sad to hear that the soap world has lost a true legend today. Our hearts go out to the family of Jeanne Cooper."

All My Children (‏@allmychildren): "The Soap world has lost a true legend. Our hearts are heavy. Jeanne Cooper, you will be missed!"

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  1. God Bless You, Jeanne, Corbin, & The Rest Of Your Loved Ones!

    Brian :-(

  2. Irreplaceable, wonderful, feisty diva. To the powers that be, please do not recast this character. Jeanne was Katherine and visa versa. Please repect Jeanne, the character, her family and the fans! I could just imagine Jeanne and Darlene Conley together now. RIP, xoxoxox, one of your biggest fans!

  3. tristanrogers ‏@tristanrogers
    Daytime is the lessor today from the loss of Jeanne Cooper. I sure will miss her.

  4. On the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley, he began the segment on Cooper's death with the heavenly star analogy, "Some stars shine in the daytime. Jeanne Cooper was one of them."

  5. I have been reading all the lovely things about this amazing woman and just sit and cry there just so much love there nothing I can add it's all been said. RIP MRS C.

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  7. Its been awesome to read all the comments by her industry wide Collegues. Goes to show that she was as loved and admired by her genre as she was by her fans! I'm not sure Y&R will ever seem the same. RIP Jeanne!!

  8. It was always fun to watch Jeanne Cooper as Katherine get in someones face and show she could not, would not be intimidated. She always had a plan for Chancellor Industries and stayed on top of her game. I will miss her so much and am thankful she chose not to retire and share her life with world playing on Y&R. I started watching the show in April of 1973 while on maternity leave. I have remained a fan through thick and thin. Blessing to her family for their loss.