Sunday, October 25, 2015

CLASSIC CLIPS: Jeanne Cooper (Updated)

Jeanne Cooper
Jeanne Cooper was born on October 25, 1928. Long before she joined the cast of The Young and the Restless in 1973, Cooper had a long career on the stage, in film and primetime television. But it was her portrayal of Katherine Chancellor on Y&R that gave us some of her finest work, and some of the best moments in daytime television history.

Below is a collection of classic Jeanne Cooper clips which celebrate her unforgettable work in The Young and the Restless, along with her appearances on The Bold and the Beautiful and Guiding Light.

1974: Jill (Brenda Dickson) takes a drunk Katherine home from the salon and sees the inside of the Chancellor mansion for the first time.

1975: Phillip Chancellor (Donnelly Rhodes) finds Katherine drunk and pleads with her to sign the divorce agreement.
1975: Katherine begs Phillip for one more chance just before his fatal car crash.

1976: Jill tells Katherine that Phillip was all dried up inside until her met her.
1984: Brock (Beau Kazer) returns to town to see his Duchess after her facelift.

1985: Jill torments Katherine for Christmas.
1986: Kay fantasizes about shooting Jill ("Goodbye, tramp!").

1986: Katherine goes off on Jill at Phillip's custody hearing.
1986: Katherine tells Jill she never will escape her.

1987: Jill tells Kay she's lost her marbles.
1987: Mrs. Chancellor gives Phillip (Thom Bierdz) advice about Cricket (Lauralee Bell) and Nina (Tricia Cast).

1998: Katherine and Jill (Jess Walton) clash at the front door of the Chancellor mansion.
1998: Kay catches Jill going through Phillip's belongings, they fight, then a rat appears!

2005: Crossing over to The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) finds out from Katherine that she owns Forrester Creations.
2008: Cooper's Daytime Emmy reel.

2008: Cooper wins the Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actress.
2009: Katherine reminds Clint of the last time they met.

2009: Cooper plays a wedding guest on Guiding Light.
2013: Cooper appears on Marie with Jess Walton (and the cast) to celebrate 40 years of Y&R.

2013: Jeanne Cooper's final scene as Katherine Chancellor on The Young and the Restless.

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  1. Thank you for the walk down memory lane.

  2. About a year ago, I saw that clip with Katherine begging Phillip not to leave her and was blown away by how intense it was. It was more than mere melodrama, there was a force behind it and it made me uncomfortable watching it, which as a writer myself, is always a sign that art has captured it's aim as art often provokes.
    Regardless, of where the Daytime Drama genre 'is' in the entertainment pantheon these days, from the sheer breadth of her work, it is undeniable that Ms. Jeanne Cooper, the Duchess of Daytime, has always been and will always be, a true artist! From one artist to another, I salute you, Ms. Cooper!

  3. thanks for so many years of time talent abilities giving us your 100 percent we miss you dearly!!!!

  4. It was interesting to see the change in acting style that Brenda Dickson went through. My mom had watched Y&R from the beginning, and I remember Brenda of the 70's, and then old enough to watch regularly with the aid of a VCR, Brenda's return in the 80's. She played Jill the same way at first, then around 1986 we start getting the clipped speech, hands on hips Jill, it's almost as if someone told her, no, no, no, you're Bette Davis playing Alexis Carrington. Then came the funny hats and turbans. Jess Walton was such a welcome breath of fresh air...we finally had Jill back!

    1. Your memory is exactly what I recall. When Dickson first returned in '83 she was pretty much like the first rendition of Jill. But then something happened. I believe she herself claimed that she was caught up in a struggle between higher-ups over how the character should be played, so some of the choices we saw may not have been hers. And there did seem to be some behind-the-scenes strategy going on to turn her into the Alexis Carrington of Daytime. Then when Jess Walton took over the role, she said that they wanted her to play the character as much like Brenda as she could. Her wardrobe was pretty outlandish in the beginning as well. And in one interview I have, Walton indicates that she was even told to study tapes of Brenda and act like that. But she finally had to put an end to the imitation as it wasn't working.

  5. She is missed. I love the old scenes.