Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'One Life to Live': The Stamford Interviews (April 2013)

In case you missed any of our recent One Life to Live interviews from the set in Stamford, Connecticut, check out the links below. And look for more interviews on our web series We Love Soaps TV from tonight's premiere event for One Life to Live and All My Children, which will be attended by current and former cast members, as well as other celebrities.

- INTERVIEW: Melissa Archer Says One Life to Live 'Feels Like A Rebirth'
- INTERVIEW: On the Set of One Life to Live with Rob Gorrie
- INTERVIEW: One Life to Live's Laura Harrier Is Excited To Be In Llanview
- INTERVIEW: Josh Kelly Loves Being Part Of One Life to Live's 'Beautiful Family'
- INTERVIEW: Catching Up With One Life to Live's Kelley Missal
- INTERVIEW: Erika Slezak On The Return of One Life to Live
- INTERVIEW: One Life to Live's Shenaz Treasury On Landing An American Soap, and Rama's Roving Eye
- INTERVIEW: One Life to Live's Andrew Trischitta On Playing 'A Pretty Bad Kid'
- INTERVIEW: Jerry verDorn Has 'High Hopes' For The New One Life to Live
- INTERVIEW: One Life to Live's Tuc Watkins On Playing David Vickers The Past 19 Years, And His Indie Soap Award Nomination


  1. I'm Excited About This--Yay!

    Brian :-)

  2. Having now watched 2 weeks of OLTL, I'm still loving it! But I am a bit puzzled as to why they need "Shelter?" This show has a rich history, I outta know, been watching since 68; and it has highly developed characters and excellent Actors - so what's up with this new nightclub? they don't need it to get new viewers, certainly not in my opinion. And I truly don't need to watch drug pushers with tons of tatoos and womanizing, etc. in order to keep watching, in fact, it was a turnoff. Keep OLTL true to its origins and its fans will keep true to it.