Thursday, April 18, 2013

GH50 PALEY INTERVIEW: Kimberly McCullough On GENERAL HOSPITAL, Directing & Being A Bad Ass

She grew up before our very eyes and became one of the most beloved characters in GENERAL HOSPITAL history. I spoke with the one and only Kimberly McCullough ("Robin Scorpio Drake") about GH memories and life after the show on the red carpet of the "General Hospital: Celebrating 50 Years and Looking Forward" event at the Los Angeles Paley Center on April 12.

Kimberly, it's nice to meet you. Before we jump into Robin, I have to say following your Instagram you seem like the most bad ass chick. You are so athletic and always seems to like to have fun and take on new adventures.
KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH: Oh wow, thanks. that's a great compliment. I can't help myself. I grew up with two older brothers and I always wanted to be like them, and now I'm still a tomboy.

It would have been fun to seen some of that infused in the character of Robin.
KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH: I know!!! Actually someone recently asked, "If I were to come back as Robin what would I like to do?" It's exactly that. Her mother is Anna Devane, a bad ass, where was that? Robin took the nerd route and became a doctor but I would love to become a spy.

What's your personal favorite moment of your time on GENERAL HOSPITAL?
KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH: My favorite moment was when Robin and Anna ran towards each other at the end of the Asian Quarter storyline when Anna found Robin after she had been kidnapped. There was this slow motion shot, no dialogue. There was something really magical about that moment.

How much do you miss working with little Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma Scorpio Drake)?
KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH: I want to eat her up, she is so cute! You know I went to high school with her mother. Which was so random since I didn't help her get the job. I had no idea, and Rochelle (Brooklyn's real life mother) showed up. I asked what was she doing at GENERAL HOSPITAL, and she said, "My daughter is playing your daughter." Wow!

Anything new coming up on the horizon directing wise?
KIMBERLY MCCULLOUGH: I did just direct my first episode of TV for a show called SHAKE IT UP on the Disney Channel. It was the Halloween show, so it should be airing sometime in October. We don't have an air date yet but it was really fun. I'm putting together my first feature film, which hopefully we will be shooting in the fall and just waiting to get my next job.

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