Thursday, April 18, 2013

GH50 PALEY INTERVIEW: Tyler Christopher Is Grateful For His GENERAL HOSPITAL Start

He recently made his return to General Hospital the ever so loveable "Prince Nikolas Cassadine." I had the chance to chat actor Tyler Christopher on the red carpet of the "General Hospital: Celebrating 50 Years and Looking Forward" event at the Los Angeles Paley Center on April 12.

Welcome back! How has your return been?
TYLER CHRISTOPHER: Thank you. It's been absolutely amazing. It has been so much fun the past month and it really made me appreciate what I had and what I have moving forward.

What has been your favorite storyline as Nikolas?
TYLER CHRISTOPHER: For a lot of reasons, not particularly because of the content of the story but the circumstances surrounding, it would be when Nikolas first came on the show. It was my first job ever acting in anything, my first scenes were with Genie Francis, Anthony Geary, Stephen Nichols, Jonathan Jackson, and a slew of season veterans.

I was completely intimidated, green, still learning and if not for the tutelage that they had given me, I don't think I would still be standing here.

After leaving GH, you started working on ABC Family's THE LYING GAME. Any news on a renewal?
TYLER CHRISTOPHER: We are still anxiously awaiting our anticipated pick up for the back end of Season 2. We should within days. It all looks good.

How has that experience been?
TYLER CHRISTOPHER: It's great, and it's a totally different character, a blue-collared, bumbling cop, who lives in a trailer in the middle of the desert. It's a very stark contrast to Princely Nikolas Cassadine who we have come accustom to on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

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  1. i watched every episode.. i loved the show...
    so glad to have nickolas back on GH... i have missed him so much

  2. Blast from the past: When Tyler & Vanessa Marcil were in their honeymoon phase (1997).