Wednesday, April 3, 2013

JWoww's Bartender ONE LIFE TO LIVE Role Is 'Totally Me'

JERSEY SHORE star JWoww is ready for her April 29 appearance as a bartender on ONE LIFE TO LIVE. She told MTV she understands all the subtleties of that part.


"I'm playing a bartender who sleeps with her boss. So it's me, basically. I used to be a bartender. I never slept with my boss, but I slept with plenty of people to know the attitude issue," she told MTV News on the set last week, where she was sporting soap opera-approved big hair and a tight t-shirt.

"And he's bringing around other girls in front of my face, so this role is totally me from night to day, day to night."

While she can understand her character's state of mind, what's been proving difficult is learning all her lines. She explained, "But the only problem is remembering my lines and knowing where to step and where to stand. So I just keep repeating my lines over and over with the cast, saying it along with them helps a lot. Last night I was going through them with [my fiancé] Roger and I completely blanked and today I'm doing better."

- JWOWW Gets Soap Opera Acting Tips From ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Josh Kelly (Video)

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