Friday, April 26, 2013

Erika Slezak, Julia Barr & Leslie Miller on THE TODAY SHOW (Video)

ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Erika Slezak, ALL MY CHILDREN's Julia Barr and MORE AMC & MORE OLTL host Leslie Miller appeared on THE TODAY SHOW on Friday morning. Check out their segment below:

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  1. How classy is Erika! Natalie declares "Erika Slezak is the most decorated female Daytime Emmy winner in history" and she STILL seems surprised! Own it Ms. Slezak!

  2. Ditto to that! Erika Slezak is my Fav Soap Opera Actor, and probably about my same age, give or take 5 years. OLTL has taken us thru probably some of the most inventive story lines of them all and I've been right there with it, and Erika, the whole way. There was the 100 years back to the past storyline, the Lantano Mountain underground City (my personal fav) and her outer body experience to Heaven. And all the wonderful fights with Robin Strasser. Suffice, she is as believeable as can be, whether Viki, Niki, Tommy, and I forget her name when she plays - the Brain; but anyways, I am so glad she came back to the Online Version, elstwhile I'm not even entirely sure I would have either. So OWN those Emmys, indeed!

  3. OMG! I just noticed that you've been watching OLTL the same amount of time I have, since 1968. That makes us both 45 year Vets, lol.

    Truth be told and shhh, don't tell Erika this, but I've been watching since before she came on to play Viki. Another Actress played her, who's name escapes me, cept I think she went on to play on AMC for awhile, but since I didn't start AMC til 2003, well, she wasn't still on then. I think she played a character called Daisy. In any event, I'm so glad Erika took the role of Viki, et al - and owned it!