Friday, April 5, 2013

NEWS: Think THE WALKING DEAD Has a Woman Problem? 'Rough Time' For AMC's Bianca, VAMPIRE DIARIES Return

THE WALKING DEAD Creator: Women Are ‘Generally Physically Weaker. That’s Science’
If you've ever had an issue with some of the women's characters on AMC's THE WALKING DEAD — the root of the problem might be in the source material. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comics, definitely has some... issues... with women.

Simon Abrams from the Village Voice reports Kirkman told him in an interview for The Comics Journal four years ago:

"I don't mean to sound sexist, but as far as women have come over the last 40 years, you don't really see a lot of women hunters. They're still in the minority in the military, and there's not a lot of female construction workers. I hope that's not taken the wrong way. I think women are as smart, resourceful, and capable in most things as any man could be … but they are generally physically weaker. That's science."

Eden Riegel on the return of ALL MY CHILDREN and Bianca's romantic life
“There’s trouble in paradise,” she said. “Bianca is going through a rough time romantically.” But as the actress pointed out, that kind of drama is what makes the show a soap. “I can’t reveal too much because the producers want the launch to be spoiler-free.” She did reveal that Bianca’s daughter is now a teenager, and promised some mother-daughter drama.

Riegel described the show’s revival as “kinda surreal. Everyone was shocked when it was pulled off the air. You don’t expect people who are part of your life to disappear. Bianca is an important part of my life.”

Ryan Murphy Shopping Hot Cable Drama About Sexuality & Relationships
GLEE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and THE NEW NORMAL producer Ryan Murphy is shopping a racy new project. OPEN, which he is creating and writing with DEXTER co-executive producer Lauren Gussis, is described as a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships. The subject matter seems to lend itself to premium cable, though selected basic cable networks are also being pitched.

AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Tom Wiggin looking to self-publish novel
"I know budgets are tight all over, but I’m asking for your help to self-publish a novel that I have written. It’s called 'The Client’s Wife' and the story follows the 30 year old granddaughter of Nick and Nora Charles (of the classic ‘Thin Man’ movies) as she sets up shop as a private detective and solves a series of murders in New York City."

Paul Reubens To Voice The White Rabbit In ABC’s Wonderland-Themed ONCE UPON A TIME Spinoff
Reubens, best known for his alter ego of Pee-Wee Herman, joins the show set in pre-curse Wonderland.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: [Spoiler] to Return — But What's the Catch?!
Steven R. McQueen, whose Jeremy character perished in February at the hands of Katherine, will return to the CW series later this season. But will the actor return as Jeremy? Or will immortal menace Silas take on the form of Elena’s little brother?

Season 1 of NASHVILLE will end with 21 episodes
ABC will wrap the freshman run of NASHVILLE after 21 episodes, multiple sources have confirmed to the site. It's understood the show's producers could only deliver said number of installments - one short of the traditional "full season" - in time for its May 22 finale. A decision on a second season will come before the upfronts in May.

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