Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NEWS: Daytime TV Impact Honorees, Anthony Geary, Kelly Thiebaud, Jo Joyner, Bravo Greenlights HIGH AND LOVE

Variety: Daytime TV Impact Honorees
Across all genres, in front of the camera or behind, these innovators and tastemakers represent the leading lights of the smallscreen world while the sun is up.

The list includes GENERAL HOSPITAL executive producer Frank Valentini, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Emmy-winning actress Heather Tom, and CBS Daytime exec Angelica McDaniel.

Anthony Geary On GENERAL HOSPITAL's 50th & The 'Endlessly' Fascinating Luke Spencer
"He's [an] endlessly fascinating character," Anthony told ACCESS HOLLYWOOD of Luke. "I've never grown tired of him and sometimes he doesn't really get to show all of his -- the darkness of his soul, or the romantic side of him but everything is coming together right now in a really beautiful way. So, it's thrilling for me."

No midlife crisis for ABC soap as revitalized production team energizes storylines while recruiting past stars for return gigs
Said Vicki Dummer, ABC exec veep of Time Square Studios, primetime current series and specials: “I’m thrilled to be celebrating (the show’s) 50 exceptional years on television. … As someone who grew up watching GENERAL HOSPITAL, it has a special place in my heart.”

GENERAL HOSPITAL Star Kelly Thiebaud On The Rise
"Recently, [Britt's] mother got revealed and that was probably something that I'd been waiting for since I got on a contract," Thiebaud said.

"I wanted to show the audience something other than this kind of bitchy, mean, selfish, conniving person and I'm really glad that slowly these layers are being shown." As far as what's ahead, "There's some things that happen at the Nurses' Ball that I am very excited about!"

Jo Joyner to leave EASTENDERS indefinitely
The actress, who plays mother-of-three Tanya Cross, will bow out in the summer to spend more time with her family and explore other career paths.

The mother-of-two, 35, said in a statement: "I love playing Tanya and being part of such a great show, but she has been on quite a rollercoaster over the past seven years and I have come to realise that it’s right for her to step away from Walford for a bit longer than originally planned."

THE GOOD WIFE co-creator Robert King explains that VAMPIRE DIARIES fan fiction reference
On Sunday’s episode of CBS' THE GOOD WIFE, Diane (Christine Baranski) asked the firm’s investigator Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to run a background check on her so she’d know where she’d be vulnerable if Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) is elected governor and nominates her for the vacant seat on the Illinois Supreme Court, as planned. The first thing Kalinda turned up: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES fan fiction originating from Diane’s home IP address and email. Watch the scene below. (Spoiler alert: Diane blames her housekeeper, who lacks boundaries.)

“We know [TVD exec producer] Kevin Williamson through Writers Guild things, and we think he’s wonderful. And we also thought he’d be fine with a reference to the show’s fan fiction,” GOOD WIFE co-creator Robert King tells EW in an email. ”We obviously wanted something that seemed ludicrous and out-of-character for Diane to be doing."

Bravo greenlights HIGH AND LOVE
Executive-produced by Michael Imperioli, the '80s drama is about the world of New York art, food and Wall Street as seen through the eyes of two rival brothers.

Conservatives Can't Agree on Which TV Show Brought Us Gay Marriage
According to Bill Kristol and Rick Santorum and other conservatives, there's one reason for a surge in American support for gay marriage: television. But the question is: Which television show? Which television show was it that convinced the majority of Americans to support gay marriage?

Rafael Amaya Is Drug Trafficker In EL SENOR DE LOS CIELOS Soap Opera
The role of Aurelio Casillas, an ambitious and manipulative man who becomes one of Mexico's most powerful drug traffickers, is one of the strongest parts Amaya has been called upon to play. He says he couldn't be happier.

"This is the story of a man who came from nothing and became one of the richest and most powerful. How did he do it? Certainly, it's all fiction, but it's what we explore in this story," the 36-year-old actor born in Sonora state told Efe in an interview.

Matt Smith confirms he'll still be starring in DOCTOR WHO in 2014
In the latest issue of the British magazine Radio Times, Matt Smith confirms that he'll stick around next year -- although it's not 100 percent clear that he'll be there for all of the eighth season, but it seems likely.

THE WALKING DEAD Shocker: Who Died in the Season Finale?
TWD took a shocking turn in Sunday's Season 3 finale, killing off a character who is still alive in the comics more than 100 issues in. Sure, the show has taken liberties with character deaths before, but this particular death is such a departure that one must question whether this will alienate fans of the comic books.

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  1. Which TV show brought us gay marriage? How 'bout non-TV show Husbands?! .. lol! .. Anyway - the great news in Variety a few days ago is that The CW Digital Studio is picking picked the popular web series up!