Thursday, April 11, 2013

NEWS: Julie Gonzalo, Amanda Bearse, Scott Parks, Shobna Gulati, Michelle Collins, Jeremy Jordan

Julie Gonzalo & Josh Henderson - Photo: TNT
DALLAS actress Julie Gonzalo on Pamela's surprise wedding (and return to Southfork?)
“I’m like, ‘So now we all will live here? I’m living with my ex-husband, and his girlfriend, and my new husband? I think that’s what people really do respond to, in a way: Seeing the dynamic when I have to go get a coffee, and it’s, ‘Oh… hey, ex-husband. I’m just on my way to my new husband.’ I really don’t know what the plans are with that, but it could be comedic.”

Amanda Bearse describes her stint on ALL MY CHILDREN as an extraordinary learning experience
“You’re acting every day,” Bearse said. “It’s the closest thing to repertory theater you can find in television.”

Parks has been tapped to play the elusive Silas.

NEIGHBOURS Stefan Dennis, Ashleigh Brewer: 'Show needed changes'
Fans have recently seen the introduction of the Turner family to Ramsay Street, while the new Willis clan will also be moving in later this year.

Dennis said today: "They're very successfully bringing it back to where it was - the homeland, as you call it. They're trying to bring it back to that homegrown, family feel, and bring it all together that way. It did start to go off the tracks a little bit."

Brewer added: "It got to the point where every child on the street didn't have a parent. They were all orphans and it was just a bunch of people living in houses."

Neighbours chiefs have also recently unveiled new backyard sets for three of the houses on Ramsay Street following a $1 million investment.

Shobna Gulati gives the lowdown on her CORONATION STREET exit
“Thirteen years is a long time and I'm going to be 47 this year and that really made me think it’s time to make some new characters – and I would like not to be Sunita anymore. I'm an actor and I've played many parts on stage and TV and I just want to see what there is out there for me. A bit more comedy would be lovely.”

CORRIE's Michelle Collins (Stella) moans there are too many trout pouts on TV
Collins tweeted that she had been watching EASTENDERS on TV and was shocked that "big lips just seem to take over the screen!"

History developing Houdini miniseries starring Adrien Brody
History is developing a miniseries project that traces the arc of the turn-of-the-20th-century master magician’s life from desperate poverty to worldwide fame.

CULT Dropped From CW Schedule
The CW has replaced the show with repeats the next few weeks.

Ryan Murphy’s Provocative Relationship Drama OPEN Lands At HBO With Pilot Order
OPEN is described as a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships.

Jeremy Jordan, Norm Lewis and More to Join New York Pops for Stephen Schwartz's "Testimony"
On April 12, 2013, The New York Pops continues its 30th season with an evening celebrating the 65th birthday of Stephen Schwartz and the 10th anniversary of his hit musical "Wicked" with "The Wizard and I: The Musical Journey of Stephen Schwartz."

FX's THE AMERICANS gets the 1980s wrong
Keri Russell’s tousled tresses are all wrong for an ’80s suburban mom, her leather jacket too slick, her buddy-buddy relationship with her teenage daughter too GILMORE GIRLS.

VERONICA MARS movie Kickstarter crosses $5 million
The movie's new Kickstarter goal isn't actually a dollar amount. They hope to land the most backers of any Kickstarter campaign in history. The current record holder is Double Fine Adventure with 87,142 unique backers.


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