Monday, March 25, 2013

NEWS: Debra Messing Books Pilot, Kassie DePaiva, Erika Slezak, Jamie Chung, Michael Le Vell

SMASH star Debra Messing books CBS pilot
Though NBC hasn’t officially said Smash is dead (though really, a move to Saturdays speaks volumes), its stars are beginning to seek employment elsewhere. To wit: Debra Messing has been cast as a married mom in an untitled single-camera comedy at CBS.

In the project from Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky, which is based on an Israeli format, Messing will play Shira, a married mom who struggles to balance family, life and work. Messing is in second position on the pilot since technically, NBC still has its hooks in her for SMASH — that is, until they officially pull the plug.

Kassie DePaiva reports on ONE LIFE TO LIVE's first week back in production
"The majority of my scenes were with my family and I can't wait for you to see the excitement that surrounds Blair's life. The sets are absolutely beautiful from top to bottom. We have many of our same directors working with us and our executive producer Jen Pepperman is just amazing."

Jamie Chung's DAYS OF OUR LIVES secret
Chung remembers vividly the dreaded call a few years ago when her strict Korean mother discovered her deepest secret:

That her little girl was actually a professional actress on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (she played Cordy).

“I got a call from my mom one day and she said, ‘Are you on a soap opera?’ So and so’s mom ‘told me you were on a soap opera,’ ” Chung told the Daily News, able to laugh at it now.

“I was like, ‘Yeah I’m on a soap opera. ... I said, It’s been a year, I didn’t want to tell you until I did something you would want to watch.’”

Trial for CORONATION STREET actor Michael Le Vell will begin September 2
The Corrie stalwart plays mechanic Kevin Webster on the long-running TV soap opera. He seemed oblivious to the seriousness of the 19 child sex charges, waving and joking with fans and flashing a broad smile after the short hearing in Manchester Crown Court.

SPOILER ALERT: ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Viki (Erika Slezak) and The Banner
"We'll be looking at the fight that's going on in the publishing world these days — how do newspapers survive in the age of the internet?" says OLTL head writer Thom Racina.

Viki will find a potential savior in hotshot journo Jeffrey King (High School Musical's Corbin Bleu). "Jeffrey comes to town and develops a very close relationship with Viki," Racina says. "He'll become her star reporter in a story that will also heavily involve Dorian Lord [Robin Strasser]."

Nadia Bjorlin and Patrika Darbo leaving DAYS OF OUR LIVES
Bjorlin's run as Chloe and Darbo's stint as Nancy will soon be coming to an end. The actresses and their characters are set to leave the soap and Salem in mid-April.


  1. Why does DOOL keep Nadia Bjorlin in a revolving door!? (And why wouldn't Daniel prefer her over --yawwwwwn-- Jennifer!?) Nadia needs to go out there with her golden lasso and play WONDER WOMAN once and for all!

  2. I agree about Nadia.

    Smash is a goner. :(

  3. I really want to like OLTL 2.0 but aside from bringing back the good cast members, I don't like anything I've heard so far. The internet v. newspaper story sound a bit dated and a big snooze.