Monday, March 11, 2013

Kristian Alfonso Celebrates 30 Years on DAYS OF OUR LIVES

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, Kristian Alfonso reflects on her 30 years at DAYS OF OUR LIVES as Hope Williams Brady.

"Pete is missed but what is there to do?" she says about missing her longtime co-star, Peter Reckell (Bo). "It was his choice to leave. I hear he's extremely happy."

And what's ahead for Hope?

"I've heard there's a solo story coming for me. It would be great to see Hope trying to move on and what a struggle that would be for her. I'd like to see her build a relationship with another strong guy, whether it's on the job or maybe she meets someone through being a single mom. I've had so many stories without Pete. Princess Gina was almost a year without him. And he had many without me. But what people remember most is the two of us together. We were given a golden opportunity."

Alfonso's anniversary is April 14.

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