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NEWS ROUNDUP: Steven Weber Joins DALLAS, Shocking DALLAS Reveal, Nathan Parsons, Jordan Lane Price, Peyton List

AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Steven Weber lands recurring role in DALLAS
Weber will play Governor McConaughey, an ambitious politico who conspires with Cliff Barnes and Harris Ryland to take down the Ewing family. Weber will first air in Season 2′s 12th episode.

DALLAS star Jesse Metcalfe on Christopher's Big Ride; Plus, a big revelation from J.R.'s past
[MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] The March 4 episode features the environmentally conscious Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) stepping up his war against cousin John Ross (Josh Henderson) by competing in a winner-takes-all car race for a lucrative methane fuel contract.

Off the track, Christopher's long-absent uncle, Gary Ewing (Ted Shackelford), returns to town to help Bobby (Patrick Duffy) — and the episode ends with some troubling news about J.R. (Larry Hagman). His death the following week will lead to a shocking reveal that J.R. is behind the disappearance of Chris' mother, Pam (Victoria Principal, who last played the role in 1987).

"All hell breaks loose," Metcalfe teases. "As we peel back the layers of the onion, a lot of things come to light. J.R. was attempting to set something in motion, and that involved Pam. I can't reveal more, but I'm excited about the possibility of Victoria Principal coming back to the show."

How Social Media Made SCANDAL a Hit in Season 2
Live-tweeting parties where the cast interacts with the fans online during both airings using the hashtag #AskScandal - seem to have paid off.

Nathan Parsons on BUNHEADS Romance, Stripping For His Bosses, GENERAL HOSPTIAL Offer
Any chance Parsons and Jonathan Jackson (now a regular on Nashville) will show up for a reunion of the Luke Spencer spawns for GH's 50th anniversary? "They're actually talking about that and it would be so good to see everybody," Parsons says. "They call every now and then and ask if I'd be interested in coming back for something longer. If the situation is right, I'd absolutely do it, but things have been pretty busy lately and pilot season is happening. So we'll see."

The Surprising Power of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS
The ABC Family phenomenon and its digitally-inclined stars — Lucy Hale, 23; Ashley Benson, 23; Shay Mitchell, 25; and Troian Bellisario, 27 — are changing how networks measure success, one photobomb, tweet, status update, and Keek video at a time.

Jordan Lane Price
The actress tweeted the news: "Soo I'm pretty much beyond excited to start work.. #PineValley, here I come :) #AMC"

Kevin Bacon recalls playing Tim Werner on GUIDING LIGHT in Soap Opera Digest interview
"I was Tim The Teenage Alcoholic for pretty much the entire year and then I learned something which was very important about soap operas," he explained. "There was a guy who had been on the show for years and he took me aside and he said, 'Ya gotta be careful about doing anything too well because they will write that for you again and again and again.' In this guy's case, he was an amazing crier, like at the drop of a hat, full-on waterworks. And he was kind of like the patriarch on the show and yet, because they saw him cry so well, t"

"So, I was doing a scene where the pressure was building up on Tim again and I was getting more and more angry and I said to the director, 'Hey, I'm thinking about maybe just punching this locker, just out of frustration, punching this locker,' and he said 'Yeah, that's a great idea. Punch the locker.' So, they said action and I punched the locker and the next week, I got a script where I was punching the desk and then I was punching that and punching that. Every week, I was punching something and I became Tim The Teenage Alcoholic Puncher with a swollen hand. This is my first chance to be on television again since then."

New Projects For Soap Alums
Sarah Michelle Gellar (ex-Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN) will star in the CBS pilot CRAZY ONES with Robin Williams. In the comedy, Gellar and Williams will play a father and daughter who run an advertising agency…. DAYS OF OUR LIVES alums Patrick Muldoon (ex-Austin) and Mark Hapka (ex-Nathan) have tweeted about a project they're involved with on Lifetime. "Going down to the OC w/ @MarkHapka to work on #Committed @LifetimeTV_PR this should be fun," tweeted Muldoon. "Stoked to work w/this guy :)," Hapka replied.

AS THE WORLD TURNS alum James Van Der Beek cast as gynecologist in CBS comedy pilot
Van Der Beek has just been cast in a CBS comedy pilot called FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES. The project’s been described as a “a group of thirty-something friends who each think the other has it better.” He’ll play Will Stokes, one of two doctors with a gynecology practice. His character is smart, sarcastic and trying to recover from his soon-to-be ex-wife’s infidelity.

Mr. Skin Announces the Winners of The 14th Annual Anatomy Awards
MAGIC CITY won the Best TV Show For Nudity category.

GREY'S ANATOMY's Shonda Rhimes: 'We're Not Going to See Any Cast Departures'
With Seattle Grace for sale and the core of its staff pondering their time at the hospital, the showrunner eases fears about the future of its stars.

AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Peyton List joins The CW’s THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Drama Pilot
Written/exec produced by Phil Klemmer, exec produced by Julie Plec and Greg Berlanti and directed/exec produced by Danny Cannon, TOMORROW PEOPLE is in the vein of X-Men and Heroes and revolves around several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil. List will play Cara, the female member of the “Tomorrow People” group who has a sense of humor beneath her serious demeanor and seems to be a trustworthy ally.

DOWNTON ABBEY Promotes Troublemaker Rose for Season 4
Lily James, who played Lady Violet's troublemaking great niece Rose, will be a series regular for Season 4. Among other new faces set to pop up in Season 4 is that of Lady Mary's new love interest, a role which has not yet been cast.

DOWNTON ABBEY Season 3 Finale Gets 8.2M Viewers
The February 17 broadcast of the aristocratic British soap pulled in 8.2 million viewers. Last year, 5.4 million tuned in for the Season 2 finale on February 19, 2012.

DOWNTON ABBEY cast performs One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful"

ALL MY CHILDREN star Jill Larson preview the show's new studio in Stamford, CT

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