Monday, February 4, 2013

PREVIEW: DALLAS ("Sins of the Father")

Judith Light and Patrick Duffy in DALLAS - Photo: Skip Bolen/TNT
The second season of TNT's DALLAS kicked off on Monday night in fine fashion. Bobby (Patrick Duffy) figured out Harris Ryland and his mother Judith (Judith Light) had taken Ann's child, Emma (Emma Bell), and raised her in England, and the battle for control of Ewing Energies took several exciting twists and turns. Best of all J.R. (Larry Hagman) and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) shared some wonderful scenes made all the more poignant by Larry Hagman's death in November and knowing the end is near for J.R. Season 2 continues on Monday, February 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

In "Sins of the Father," when new evidence mysteriously surfaces pointing to foul play in Tommy's disappearance, Christopher aims to connect Pamela to the crime. J.R. and John Ross maneuver on two fronts to reclaim their birthright, including poisoning one family member against another. Pamela continues to push her father's agenda to gain control of Ewing Energies. As a new member of the family arrives at Southfork, Ann is pushed to the brink by Ryland's sadistic games and finally takes action.

Check out a preview of the new season of DALLAS below which features shots of Ken Kercheval, Ted Shackelford, Cathy Podewell, Deborah Shelton and Charlene Tilton.

"Sins of the Father" was written by Bruce Rasmussen and directed by Jesse Bochco.

- DALLAS TNT: Exclusive Photos From My Private Tour of the Set of Southfork and Ewing Energies


  1. The first episode of the new season was full of the drama and intrigue that we’ve come to love and expect of the show. I’m glad to see that Christopher and Elena are back together as it should be and that John Ross can go back to his womanizing, manipulating ways. He even tries it out on Rebecca AKA Pamela and he ends up sleeping with her! Scandalous as always but my DISH co-worker says that we appreciate the show for being true to its roots. I couldn’t agree more: I love it! I’ve got my DISH Hopper recording the show every Monday and I can watch the show when I get home. Thanks to the Hopper’s huge hard drive I can record up to 2,000 hours of my favorite TV shows and movies. It puts me in control of how I watch TV.

  2. Hope this isn't the last season, I think that John Ross has become the JR, LH has only a few scenes and I think the show can survive ,