Monday, January 28, 2013

DALLAS TNT: Exclusive Photos From My Private Tour of the Set of Southfork and Ewing Energies

I just got back from an amazing visit with the folks behind the new DALLAS.  As you can see, I made some new friends.  Also took plenty of photos!  Tell me what you think in the Comments section, below.
The famous staircase!  This set actually feels like a real house, with "real" rooms branching off in all directions.  They say they may construct some more rooms upstairs later this season.

A closer look at the Ewing Brag Wall...
So many DALLAS memories.
DALLAS producer Ken Topolsky paused during our tour to show us an actual call sheet.  He explained that in an unusual (and poignant) expression of reverence, "Larry Hagman" remains listed, still number one, officially only "On hold."
Above the hearth, it's Jock and Miss Ellie.
J.R. Ewing's bedroom was eerie; it felt almost like a memorial, or museum.  So many photos and other details to pause over.  Here, his bed, bureau, and nightstand.
A photo of Hagman in military school  does double duty.  Also: evidence of J.R.'s sweet tooth.
Snooping among J.R.'s stuff was definitely surreal.  And irresistible.  His nightstand...
...and his bureau!  Can't tell you what's in that box.  A secret!  One of many, in fact.  TNT demonstrated so much trust in  me and in  We Love Soaps--it really was an honor.
The Ewing Energies set was every bit as gorgeous as it appears.  I had to ask about the furniture and especially, the art.  It's a mix of found pieces, original work from local artists, and of course, original creations by the art director.
Aside from the most gigantic green screen I have ever seen (you know it as the Dallas skyline) it was just like a real office.  These boardroom chairs are actually very comfy ;-) .
The private offices were a blast.  They nailed it.  The commitment to characterization (and of course, detail) held up 100% in-person.  This is obviously John Ross's.  Paperless, and, tons of horses.
Now, Christopher's desk.  Nerd alert!  By the way, I know how to  harvest methane hydrates now.
This was once Bobby's hospital room.  What next?
A Warner Bros. mural marks the entrance to the enormous space...
Getting lost in the labyrinth of sets, strolling among various representations of alternative Dallas realities, was a both fascinating and disorienting.
Producer Ken Topolsky, best guide ever, had no qualms about breaking that fourth wall.  Not the most flattering angle for that shot of the ranch!
A busy set...
Let's end with a peek back "inside" the ranch.  It's Ann and Bobby's bedroom!
Bobby's bedside table... so practical.

And Ann's bedside table.  Of course she has a live orchid.  And a silver tray of moisturizers.


  1. Fantastic photos! Wow! Can't imagine the experience of seeing all of that. Something to truly treasure! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I'm so impressed and so envious. The experience must have been amazing. You captured what true, through and through die-hards would have loved to see. Thank you Kevin and WLS.

    R.I.P. Larry Hagman.

  3. Question: Will WLS do a review of the DALLAS Season 2 premiere? I have thoughts ;-)

  4. I love seeing all the close up shots of the photos that are used on set.

  5. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. It must have been a great trip.

  6. I still can't believe that they're actually here doing ALL the production, no California fake stand-in stuff! Even the city got them the ex-warehouse to use for a local studio. Real restaurant, home, and other local interiors too.
    'Dallas' hasn't been this *completely* authentic since the first couple of seasons of the original series. It's almost like my younger years, when I would try to guess where a scene was shot, all over again....

  7. Great pics, Kevin! Thanks for sharing your groovy "Dallas" experience!