Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NEWS ROUNDUP: Robin Strasser Talks ONE LIFE TO LIVE; Kassie's DePaiva's TAINTED DREAMS; Marcia Gay Harden Joins THE NEWSROOM

Robin Strasser Dishes Her Return to ONE LIFE TO LIVE
"I am going to show up for work on the new OLTL fully energized, one hundred percent committed and ready for my close-up!"

Kassie DePaiva to star in TAINTED DREAMS
DePaiva is slated to star in TAINTED DREAMS, the soap-within-a-soap Sonia Blangiardo is launching in July. DePaiva will play Courtney, “the show runner with a dark past,” as she told last week’s Soap Opera Digest. DePaiva added that “Courtney is very different from Blair,” which means she’ll get to stretch her acting muscles in between stints as our favorite Cramer woman.

Marcia Gay Harden joins THE NEWSROOM
She’s replacing Rosemarie DeWitt who is leaving the show after shooting only a couple episodes from the upcoming second season (parties involved citing scheduling issues for her early departure from the show). So now Harden will take over the recurring role of Rebecca Halliday, a litigator who defends Atlantis Cable News in a wrongful termination suit. DeWitt’s completed scenes will be re-shot with Harden.

Alex Kingston joins ARROW
The former ER actress will play Dinah Lance — Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) mom and Detective Quentin’s (Paul Blackthorne) ex-wife. Later this season Dinah will return to Starling City to make amends with her family that she abandoned years earlier following the tragic death of her daughter aboard Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) yacht.

Daniel Gillies joins THE VAMPIRE DIARIES spin-off
Gillies is set to reprise his role as Elijah, one of the Original family members in THE ORIGINALS.

Joshua Safran, the New Storyteller of SMASH, Talks About Season Two
"Frank [played by Brian d'Arcy James] is in the premiere. Dev [Karen's boyrfriend, who slept with Ivy] and Ellis [the evil assistant] are both mentioned and dealt with. It's not like, as I said, we're trying to make it like this stuff never happened. As I said, Michael Swift is discussed as well. In my mind, the door's always opened. It is, in that way, a soap opera because it's an ensemble show with a cast of many characters, and you know theatre — somebody does a show, then they go into a pilot, then they come back to do a show, and suddenly they're back!"

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