Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NEWS ROUNDUP: All My (Web) Children, Michael Graziadei Exit From Y&R, Silent Killer On CORRIE

'All My (Web) Children'?
Brad Adgate, a TV analyst with Horizon Media, says it's one of a handful of companies that are looking to experiment with giving old TV shows new life on the web.

"You know, it could make a go of it," Adgate says. He adds that on the web, a weekly audience of one million is impressive and advertisers are willing to pay for them.

Michael Graziadei talks about leaving THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS this week
"I've had a lot of fun playing the character, and I've been able to grow with the character. But when you're in a contract with [the show], you're locked into it and they always have first priority with you," Graziadei explained. "I just haven't really experienced L.A. not having a job. I don't know what else can happen in this town unless I take that time for myself and take that break for myself. In the eight and a half years that I've been here, I haven't been able to travel the way I want to travel or work with my music and art the way I've wanted to, so it's just a time out for me."

EASTENDERS actor says soap needs more gays
John Patridge, who played gay personal trainer Christian in the British soap, hopes his storyline helped break new ground.

"Bring in hot new gays, that’s what I say," Partridge told The Sun. "Everyone needs to be represented — so somebody’s got to come flying that pink flag."

A silent killer on CORONATION STREET (spoiler alert)
On CORRIE this week, Fiz fights for her life with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a faulty boiler. Viewers see the soap favorite left fighting for her life when she is found unconscious at home on New Year’s Eve.

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