Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DALLAS Returns To Lower Ratings

TNT's two-hour Season 2 premiere of DALLAS drew just 2.98 million total viewers on Monday, a 31% drop-off from where it left off last summer, according to Nielsen.

The rebooted drama also drew 1.22 million adults 25-54 and 1.02 million adults 18-49. Those were down 32% and 27% from the show's season one averages, respectively. DALLAS' first season aired during the summer on Wednesdays.

DALLAS had filmed five episodes of its second season with the late Larry Hagman. Next week the show will be used as the lead-in for its new David E. Kelley series MONDAY MORNINGS.

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  1. Monday is Bad night for a show like Dallas. Wed, Thurs, Fri would be better.

  2. It will be very interesting to see what TNT does if DALLAS doesn't pick up next week and it serves as a bad lead-in for MONDAY MORNINGS.

  3. Cancellation may not be a bad thing. After a highly entertaining first season, the second season premiere was highly disappointing. The younger cast are dull as dirt with the exception of Josh Henderson. And while great to look at, Jesse Metcalfe lacks skill and presence. This "next generation" rivalry has no depth. The idea that Cliff's daughter would marry her first cousin as a swindle and NO ONE mentions that they are first cousins is infuriating. Christopher was adopted as an infant and raised by Bobby, a Ewing, and Pam, a Barnes, yet he is treated like he doesn't matter because he is adopted. New Pam/Rebecca winning in court and being positioned as a formidable villainess is laughable.
    I could care less about Ann and her daughter. Ann's evil ex-husband played by an actor the same age as the actor playing his mother is silly. Judith Light's accent was terrible. The younger actors were all terrible.
    The show only works when featuring JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby (occasionally John Ross) and knowing that JR/Larry Hagman will no longer be with the show beginning episode 6 of this season does not bode well for the show's future. I'd prefer Season 1 viewed as a mini-series versus more seasons of episodes like the Season 2 premiere. More of that and I will surely turn to the WWE!!!